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7 Ways to the Most of a Virtual Cooking Class


From networking events to sporting events to online learning, we’ve adapted and overcome in a variety of ways in 2020. Here at Fustini’s, we’re excited to share the opportunity to stay cooking with you, all from home. 

In October 2020, we launched our Virtual Cooking Classes with Fustini’s School of Cooking! Beyond just a response for social distancing and keeping others healthy, these virtual, interactive events provide individuals and families the opportunity to learn and grow their culinary skills, no matter where they live. 

For now, a virtual cooking class may be a new concept. But with so many options and the added convenience, virtual classes can be an especially great way to share in the fun and excitement of cooking in your own kitchen.

Have you tried a virtual cooking class yet? Experienced and knowledgeable guest chefs host these interactive online events most Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so you’ll be sure to find an option that fits within your schedule. 

Whether you’ve already taken a virtual class or two, have only experienced an in-person class or still aren’t sure about this whole online cooking thing, we’re here with you. Led by our guest chefs, these virtual cooking classes are designed to be fun, entertaining and can also be very informative as you develop your own cooking skills. 

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Virtual Cooking Class Experience 

When you register for a class, you’ve signed up for a unique learning and dining experience. To help you make the most of your virtual cooking class, here we share 7 key ways that you can make the most of your virtual cooking class. Whether you received a class as a gift or treating yourself, you can join with your household, fellow cooking classmates and your guest chef on an exciting and interactive culinary journey. 

1. Try Something New 

Years ago, virtual events and classes seemed not as popular as today’s environment. Maybe you’ve jumped all in into virtual get-togethers or online events. Or, maybe you’re not quite sure it’s right for you. Either way, a virtual cooking class can be a great way to try something new, whether in experience or in a type of cuisine. Many may not have taken an online class before, let alone an online cooking class. 

As you venture into an online method of interaction and activity, know that Fustini’s equips you with the recipes, list of ingredients and other very helpful information to help you start the class with confidence. 

2. Explore Different Themes 

Each cooking class features a particular theme or cuisine that you’ll learn and make. No matter what kind of food you’re into, there’s a class to match your preferences. There are classes where you’ll learn how to make homemade pasta, how to set a simple yet elegant Hors ‘d’Oeuvres spread and how to set a brunch that people will want to wake up early for. Many classes have both new and familiar recipes that you’ll want to try out on your own. 

You can choose a theme that you already know you like and has recipes you know you’ll savor. However, cooking classes can also be a great way to explore your experience with different types of cuisines and try something new. For example, one guest chef taught an entire class on different types of pad thai. There has been a class on authentic Indian cuisine. Are you interested in learning more about French cuisine? There’s a class for that. 

3. Make it Fun 

When you get a group of people together who love to cook, it can make for quite a fun time. While that’s certainly been evident in Fustini’s in-person classes, the same can be experienced in a virtual class. With some intentionality and willingness on behalf of the attendees, you can get to know each other as you roll out your pizza dough or peel potatoes. If you and your friend enjoy cooking, you can each register for class and have the opportunity to cook together! While it’s often easiest to stay on “mute” when you’re not speaking, voicing questions, comments and engaging in conversation with the other attendees and the chef can be a great way to make the most of your virtual cooking class experience. 

4. Ask Questions 

Each class is taught by an experienced guest chef who is passionate about cooking and sharing that joy with others. Our chefs are home cooks, corporate chefs and graduates of some of the top culinary schools. Some even have teaching experience in a culinary school setting. With so much expertise and experience, a class can be a great opportunity to grow your own culinary knowledge. As you grow your own expertise, you may even impress your family and friends with how much you know about cooking by taking a cooking class. 

5. Be Comfortable in Your Own Kitchen 

One major benefit of attending a cooking class virtually is that you get to cook along with others and the guest chef, right from the comfort of your own home. All your classmates will tune in from their kitchens and so will the guest chef. As you cook in a space you’re familiar with, you won’t need to be looking around, wondering where a spatula is. You’ll use your own equipment, utensils and get your own groceries. You can even have all your materials ready ahead of time by following the pre-class preparation kit that comes when you register for a class. 

Being in your own kitchen also frees you up to join in a class from wherever you live. Even you’re not near one of our stores, you can be part of this unique culinary journey from wherever. 

6. Join with Your Family 

When you register for a class, you’re also welcoming in your household to join with you in cooking. Cook alongside your spouse or significant other. Get your kids involved in stirring or reading instructions. These virtual events can be a great opportunity to have the whole family in on preparing each recipe. 

7. It’s Not Supposed to be Exactly like an In-person Class 

Just as Fustini’s School of Cooking has pivoted its class medium, the flow and what to expect in a cooking class may be a little bit different. The agenda, content and recipes involved in the class are chosen and planned in order to help provide the best online experience for attendees. Sometimes, that may mean planning some different things than what you may have found in an in-person class. Go into your class with the mindset of a virtual event, not just an in-person event turned online. 

Tune in to a Virtual Class 

Taking a virtual cooking class opens the door to so many culinary opportunities and new recipes. And you can experience it all right from your own kitchen. Ready to start cooking? Browse our upcoming events calendar to find a date and class theme that inspires you. 




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