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Ann Arbor Celebrating 10 Years By Giving Back


"We are extremely grateful for the support that the Ann Arbor community has given us and want to celebrate our success by giving back locally,” manager Nanci Jenkins said.

Our Fustini's Ann Arbor location is celebrating its 10 year anniversary of serving their community. They've been delighted to inspire fresh and healthy flavor and cooking ideas for their customers and be part of the Kerrytown Shops vibe.

"Ten years mean that we are a true part of the Ann Arbor community,” Nanci said. “We are thrilled to have so many loyal guests who love our products and appreciate fine food and cooking. The current epidemic has shown us how loyal and dedicated our customers are."

And what better way to celebrate this commitment to serving and walking alongside our community than with a three-month-long campaign for good food.

We call it the Delicious Decade.

Our locations in Traverse City, Petoskey and Holland have all celebrated in this milestone by giving back to the community that’s so integral to the culture of Fustini's.

Celebrating 10 Years by Giving Back

The decision to recognize our 10 year anniversaries is intentional.

"The Delicious Decade is a way to celebrate all the delicious things that have happened in the past 10 years," said Denise Walburg, Fustini's director of marketing. "It's delicious because of the relationships with customers who now have become part of our 'Fustini's Family.' It's because of the hundreds of recipes and thousands of people who have taken a cooking class. It's because we look forward to all the savory things to come."

Continuing this celebration by raising support and awareness for the Ann Arbor community just makes sense for the Fustini’s culture.

"Our whole management philosophy is based upon servant leadership," Denise said. "What can we give to others that will enable them to do their best? Whether it's giving the Fustini's team what they need to provide our guests the best experience, or serving our customers so they can give the best gift or create the best meal, this is a way we can empower our community."

With that commitment to seeing our teams, customers and community thrive, Ann Arbor sought opportunities to help meet a vital need of healthy, nutritious food in the Ann Arbor neighborhoods. As a result, Fustini's is thrilled to partner with Food Gatherers. 

Providing Solutions with Food Gatherers

Located in the Ann Arbor community, Food Gatherers provides food assistance for their neighbors. According to their website, they exist to "alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes in our community."

Food Gatherers was established in 1988 as Michigan’s very first food rescue program. Today, they provide access to food for their community in need. In 2019 alone, they distributed 6.6 million pounds of food, which provided 5.5 million meals for their neighbors. They work with 170 agency partners who work alongside clients to provide meals, snacks and groceries. As a food rescue program, they emphasize directing food resources that would otherwise go to waste.

The work they do is amazing and transformational. And Fustini’s couldn’t be more excited to support in their effort.

A Fundraiser in an Unprecedented Time

In the context of a global pandemic that has driven up demand for resources provided by food banks and resource programs like that of Food Gatherers, Fustini's knows that supporting these initiatives matters especially now.

For every bottle sold, Fustini’s is donating $1 to the transformative work of Food Gatherers. In addition, every dollar donated through the Ann Arbor fundraising page on Facebook will be used to support the work Food Gatherers is doing in the community. Fustini’s will also match those donations made through the fundraiser. Two great ways to be part of supporting the people of Ann Arbor. 

“Our mission is to improve community health through diet and nutrition, in so many ways the Food Gatherers’ initiatives are perfectly aligned with that mission,” Nanci said. “During these extreme times we are facing the local food banks are depleted and this is a way we can help with building their supplies back up.”  

Celebrate 10 amazing years with us by supporting local, in more ways than one. Give Ann Arbor a call at 734-213-1110 or shop with their curbside pick-up service at Kerrytown Shops. You can also donate directly on our Facebook fundraising page.




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