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Answering Your Questions About Virtual Cooking Classes


Learning new skills and recipes in the kitchen can come in a variety of ways. While these culinary classes are most often thought of as in-person, hands-on events where you learn how to make a few dishes as well as some other helpful cooking tips and tricks. 

In today’s environment, Fusini’s School of Cooking is excited to offer this same culinary experience, completely virtually! Virtual cooking classes center around a type of cuisine and feature some delicious and delightful recipes you’ll make right alongside our guest chef. 

But what exactly does this innovative culinary experience look like with a virtual “face-to-face” component? We’re here to help you answer all your key questions. From who you’ll cook with, how to best prepare and what you can expect during the actual class, we’ve got you covered. To equip you to be comfortable and confident as you head into a virtual cooking class, here we share some of the top asked questions and answers in this interactive and fun culinary journey. 

Answering Your Questions: Virtual Cooking Classes 

Whether you’re ready to dive into a class or are still wondering how it all works, we’re here to help you have fun and enjoy this interactive culinary experience. Here we share some frequently asked questions about what you can expect in participating in a cooking class, virtually. 

Who Will I Cook With? 

An especially entertaining component of these virtual cooking classes is the group you’ll join with on this culinary journey. In each class, you can be cooking “alongside” other groups, not more than 14. Yet as your registration invites anyone else in your immediate household to join you, you can cook with your spouse or children as you learn and enjoy time together. 

Classes can also be with just two households participating, creating a more intimate cooking experience. If you’re interested in cooking with only your friends, you can consider purchasing a private class that’s restricted to your group of up to 8 households and a flat fee. 

Who Leads These Virtual Cooking Classes? 

Like our in-person cooking classes, these virtual options are taught by experienced guest chefs who come with years of knowledge, skills and training in culinary arts. Our chefs are home cooks, corporate chefs and graduates of some of the top culinary schools. They really know their stuff. With this in mind, cooking with them provides a great opportunity for you to ask questions about a technique or cuisine that you’re interested in. They love sharing about their experience and teaching others in the wonderful joy of cooking. 

Is the Class Live? 

Yes! These virtual classes are designed to equip you with the opportunity to ask questions, connect with fellow attendees and enjoy a class-like experience that’s all virtual. This live component is foundational to creating an experience where you can feel just like you’re in a Fustini’s School of Cooking kitchen, but from the comfort of your very own kitchen. 

How Long are the Cooking Classes? 

The opportunity to cook from home helps you and your fellow attendees make the most of your time together. Each class is 1.5 - 2 hours in duration, which usually doesn’t include your time enjoying the food you’ve prepared. With this schedule, your time will be packed with learning new skills, practicing your techniques and learning more about the cuisine and dishes you’re preparing. 

How Do I Access My Virtual Cooking Class? 

As you get ready to join in your virtual cooking class, we’ll help you be prepared and equipped, both with a grocery list and in accessing your online environment. In your pre-class packet provided prior to your class, you’ll receive a link and access code to a Zoom meeting. Use this information to hop in the call on your scheduled class date and time. 

What Else is Included in the Pre-Class Packet? 

In addition to the link and access code to actually join in the culinary fun, you’ll also receive helpful lists as you prepare to take your class, all in the comfort of your own kitchen. This packet contains the menu and each of the recipes for the dishes you’ll make during the class. To ensure you have all the ingredients you’ll need for those recipes, we’ll also provide you with a shopping list. Be sure you take a look at this a few days before your class so you can be confident you won’t be short on an ingredient. Your pre-class packet also contains an equipment list with the pans, utensils and other resources you’ll need during your virtual cooking class. 

Will I Need Oils and Vinegars? 

Most recipes included in your menu will include either an extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar. These ingredients are foundational to amplifying the flavors and enhancing the overall cooking experience. To help you be equipped with the right flavors, we’ll provide you with a unique discount code that’s included in your pre-class packet. 

This discount code equips you to purchase the oils and vinegars you’ll need at a lower price. However, keep in mind that this code doesn’t work when ordering online. Give a call to a store or stop in and use your code to get your discount before you start cooking with us. This code is also good beginning the moment you receive it until 24 after your scheduled class if you’d like to continue your discounted purchase. 

How Much Do These Virtual Classes Cost? 

The cost for one household to participate in a virtual cooking class is just $39.00. This can include a class just for yourself or invite your spouse or kids in to join you. This class cost includes your pre-class packet filled with recipes and helpful tips as you get ready to participate in your class. 

What Skills Will I Need to Have to Participate? 

Attendees in cooking classes come with a range of levels of experience in their cooking and familiarity around the kitchen. The opportunity to learn new things is one of the key joys in these cooking classes. While it may help to have a few foundational culinary skills like chopping or stirring, our guest chefs will help walk you through each step. Be sure to ask lots of questions and speak up if you need clarification or more time on something. 

What Types of Cuisines Can I Make? 

These virtual cooking classes incorporate a wide range of types of cuisine and dishes, so you’ll be sure to find a class that interests you. From pizza making to Thai cuisine to brunch recipes to all things seafood and much, much more, class themes cover the world. Whether it’s a menu you’re already familiar with or something completely brand new, you’ll be able to learn some fun and useful skills as you cook. You can take a look at our upcoming class schedule to read the menu of each class and find one you and your family are sure to enjoy. 

What If I Have to Cancel? 

Things happen. Life changes. If you find yourself having to cancel on your registered class, the most important thing is communication. Fustini’s offers the opportunity to transfer your registration from your currently signed-up for class to another household that would be available and interested in attending the class. It’s important to let us know prior, and not just forward them the link, so that we can provide them with the pre-class packet and additional resources as they prepare to engage in the virtual cooking class. 

When Will I Get to Eat What I Make? 

To make the most of your time together, enjoying the meal you’ve created typically comes at the end, after the class. Although, you’re welcome to sample and nibble on some dishes as you make them. 

Can the Menus Have Accommodations For My Dietary Restrictions? 

If you have any dietary concerns or restrictions, please let the Fustini’s team know by emailing denise@fustinis.com with your concern. While our experienced and talented chefs will do their best to adjust any recipes to accommodate your needs, keep in mind that there may be some recipes in the menu that may not be able to be substituted. 

Enjoy a New Culinary Experience with a Virtual Cooking Class

Whether you’re brand new to cooking classes or have taken some in-person classes, these interactive culinary experiences can be a highlight of the week. You’ll learn how to make some new dishes, discover new techniques and enjoy some really delicious food. With a little bit of preparation and an open mind as you participate in class, these virtual classes can inspire a love and joy for cooking, whether you’re by yourself or with a friend. 




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