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Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Cooking Class


Like many things in life, there’s often no one perfect way to learn how to cook. 

Maybe you’ve picked up your skills from watching a parent whip up a quick weeknight dinner. Maybe you watched endless hours of video online and on TV. Whether you’ve grown up surrounded by the art of cooking or not, there are always fun and exciting ways to grow your culinary skills. 

Including cooking classes. 

With a dedication to keeping people safe and healthy while also supporting people with cooking opportunities, Fustini’s Virtual Cooking Classes bring an innovative approach to learning, all accessible online. 

While we’ll always love getting together and cooking in our kitchens, these virtual events invite you to join with other households to engage in some culinary fun. In previous articles, we’ve explored answers to your top questions about these classes and how you can get the most out of these new activities

Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Cooking Class: Q&A with Denise Walburg 

But what is a virtual cooking class like, really? To get the inside scoop on all things virtual classes, we caught up with Denise Walburg, director of corporate marketing at Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars. She shares her take on the opportunities these classes present and some of her favorite parts about being a part of them. 

What is something that excites you about hosting virtual cooking classes? 

With virtual cooking classes, there are so many new opportunities. As these classes are held all through a video platform, we can connect with a lot of people. Both individuals who live near one of our stores and those who live across the country can participate in a virtual cooking class. 

I think it also is a cool opportunity to continue to connect and support our community during a season we weren’t anticipating. This opportunity to cook up new recipes right in your own kitchen is something that can keep us connected during what might be a challenging season. It’s also a reminder to us of the importance of innovation and continuing to develop ways to support and help our customers. 

What opportunities do virtual cooking classes offer?

One of the major opportunities that a virtual cooking class offers is the ability to cook together with friends and family who may not live near each other. Households can get together and cook, even when separated by distance or other restrictions. 

For example, we’ve had groups and families getting together for birthday celebrations and holidays. A grandmother in Florida was able to cook with her daughter in Michigan. A group of five cousins could all gather in their own kitchens to cook together. 

There’s also another level of convenience available with these cooking classes. They may be able to fit better into your schedule without the extra margin for transportation or other family responsibilities. 

How Does Fustini's Make it Easy to Join?

When you sign up for a virtual cooking class, we’ve got the resources and information you’ll need to thrive in your cooking class. We’ll provide you with a Zoom meeting link unique to your event so you can join at the appointed time. We’ll get you the collection of recipes your chef will teach you how to make. There will be a few dishes included, often including a dessert to finish out the night. 

We’ll also send you a helpful prep-kit. This is a collection of cooking tools and gadgets you’ll need, Fustini’s products that are used in the recipes and ingredients used in each of the recipes.

Keep in mind that there may be some prep work to do ahead of your cooking class. This will be hugely helpful in following along with the chef. After all, you’ll want to spend your time learning from them and different techniques rather than spending all that time peeling potatoes. 

By providing these resources ahead of time, we hope that you’re ready for a stress-free culinary event. When you know what to expect, you can enjoy your time better and focus on just having fun with your family or friends - and a glass of wine! 

What Value is there in Inviting Households into the Cooking Experience?

Bringing families and couples together is such a fun component of these virtual cooking classes. It really is a great opportunity to connect families who may live apart and can’t get together in this current season. When it may be difficult to do activities together, like during the winter, it provides a great way to continue building memories with people we love. 

Inviting kids into the process can also serve as a great learning opportunity for them. Cooking is a skill that’s so versatile and helpful throughout your life. Starting kids off early and using this as an opportunity to spend time together as a family can be a great activity that’s both entertaining and educational. 

What would you say to someone hesitant about taking a class because they feel they don't have much culinary experience? 

These cooking classes are designed to help and promote new skills for any level foodie. We’ve designed the structure of the classes to be entertaining and insightful, totally no pressure and very low-key. Our chefs are passionate about what they do and are so eager to answer questions and help teach you a new skill. 

If, however, you do feel intimidated in trying to keep up with the chef, you can always opt to watch the chef prepare the dishes and make them yourself at a later time. Either way, with the resources and help our chefs and we provide, you’re in for a fun culinary experience with others. 

Overall, just have fun! 

Let’s Get Cooking 

Virtual cooking classes are an innovative approach to bringing together guests and chefs from their own homes into a culinary journey of growing skills and trying new dishes. Sound intriguing? Check out our monthly schedule to find an upcoming class with a theme and cuisine that you want to make.




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