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Celebrate a New Season With These New Flavors

From the experienced chef to the foodie novice, trying new flavors and recipes is always a fun adventure. Exploring new tastes can keep your creativity lively and help you learn about what flavor combinations go well together.

Here at Fustini’s, we’re passionate about providing your high-quality ingredients that empower you in the kitchen as you cook, taste, experiment and create.

As you explore on this culinary journey, we’re rolling out with three new balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil flavors that are sure to amp up your favorite dishes.

Spicy Korean Balsamic Vinegar

If you’re looking to add an extra kick to your recipes try out our new Spicy Korean balsamic vinegar. The heat from this vinegar comes from Gochujang, which is a traditional Korean fermented red chili paste. This Gochujang is infused in the balsamic to give it a heat that is also packed with flavor. This vinegar combines the components of spicy, savory and sweet all into one Asian-inspired ingredient. With a kick of heat at the beginning, the flavor follows up with a soft sweetness that makes it an adventure for your tastebuds.

When looking to match this sweet and spicy vinegar with a oil, opt for a more fruity variety to pair well with the heat. Extra virgin olive oil flavors such as Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime and Blood Orange olive oils make a great combination. You can also amp up the savory side by combining this vinegar with Gremolata, Garlic or any Robust Single Varietal olive oil.

This vinegar can be a great addition to all your Asian dishes plus many more. Here are just some of the many ways you can incorporate this pack of flavor:

  • Mix with soy sauce and wasabi for your new favorite sauce for sushi
  • An interesting component to add to a ceviche marinade
  • Sauté pork chops and deglaze the pan with a splash of Spicy Korean balsamic vinegar
  • Combine with a citrus olive oil for mango salsa

How have you used this hot yet sweet vinegar? Let us know in the comments or on social media!

Thyme Balsamic Vinegar

If you’re looking for a vinegar that’s more earthly, you’ll love our new Thyme balsamic vinegar. Infused with the floral herb, thyme, this vinegar carries a fresh and savory profile that pairs well with an abundance of dishes. With this well-balanced flavor, it adds volume to savory and blends well with sweet.

Thyme tends to have a peppery taste with lemon and minty notes with a herbaceous and floral flavor. This balsamic incorporates the various levels of flavor of the fresh herb. That fresh herb taste makes it a perfect complement to dishes and ingredients like breads, pastas, poultry, salads, seafood and vegetables. Amp up your regular dishes and add a herby kick with a splash of vinegar.

With the balanced and earthy flavor of the Thyme balsamic vinegar, it’s a great pair to an extra virgin olive oil that matches the sweet and herbaceous profile. For example great oils you can easily pair with this vinegar in an abundance of cuisines include Basil, Meyer Lemon, Leek, Sage and Wild Mushroom and a Medium Single Varietal olive oil.

Here are just some of the many ways you can elevate the freshness and balance of your foods with this vinegar:

Have you tried this flavorful and fresh new balsamic vinegar? Let us know how you like to use it best in the comments or on social media!

New Time, New Flavors

With simple ingredients that add a punch of flavor, you can turn your dishes from boring to a party in your mouth. With new balsamic vinegars of Spicy Korean and Thyme, you can easily incorporate these flavors into your regular cooking that amps up your plates and allows you to be creative as you cook.



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