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Chef Feature: Getting to Know Chef Laura Rainey


For many, food is much more than a way to be nourished and stay well. Through unique flavor combinations and preparation of ingredients, the art of cooking and food can be an engaging and entertaining experience.

In a virtual cooking class at Fustini’s School of Cooking, you’re invited to participate in this entertaining culinary journey. Follow recipes, learn about different types of cooking techniques and cuisines and discover the joy of home cooking for yourself.

With a variety of types of cuisines and menu options, there’s a virtual cooking class for all taste preferences and levels of experience and skill. You’ll join with other attendees, whether in your own household or others virtually. 

You’ll also team up with a guest chef who leads the cooking class, walking you through each step of the dish. Their insight and experience makes these classes both entertaining and informative. 

This group of knowledgeable and engaging chefs who lead these classes include Chef Laura Rainey. 

Laura began with Fustini’s School of Cooking as a guest chef in our virtual classes in November of 2020. With her extensive culinary background and passion for cooking with whole foods, she leads classes on a variety types of cuisines, including French, Thai, Vegetarian and even teaches a class on knife skills. 

Getting to Know Chef Laura Rainey 

Laura brings a light and energy to her classes that make them both entertaining and informative. We caught up with her to get to know her has a chef and what her experience with Fustini’s cooking classes has been like. 

How did you learn and grow in your culinary skills? 

I went to culinary school at the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education to be a personal chef. At the time, I also was working at Sur La Table as a kitchen assistant to the chefs cooking classes. I got to learn from those chefs as well. Eventually, I was promoted to chef instructor at Sur la table and began developing my teaching skills.  Between school and work, I was being exposed to all sorts of cuisine.

What do you enjoy most about cooking at home? 

I enjoy cooking with whole foods most. Knowing how to cook them and what to make with them is my favorite part about cooking at home. When cooking like this, you know exactly what is in your food and you can feel good about it. I love feeding my family nutritious food and getting them involved in the cooking process. 

How do you come up with the menu for your cooking class? 

The menus I come up with are either menus I have cooked for my clients as a personal chef or ones I think will be challenging yet totally doable for home cooks. In my recipes, I also like to include basic yet essential techniques that will help any home cook improve their skills and elevate their meals to the next level.

In what ways can cooking bring people together? 

Food.  Plain and simple. When your flavors are on point and everyone is truly enjoying what they're eating, that is what brings people together. Food makes us happy and when we do it together, it just makes cooking and enjoying food that much better.

What opportunities does a virtual cooking class offer? 

In virtual classes, we can bring more people together who may not be able to make it to an in-person class. We can reach and connect with people from all over the United States. That’s really cool.

What's your favorite Fustini's product? 

It's so hard to choose one Fustini's product because I truly enjoy them all. They are of amazing quality and so versatile. I will say their Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar is out of this world, especially when you make a reduction out of it. The flavor is an explosion in your mouth.

What advice would you give someone new to cooking or eager to develop their skills? 

Practice good technique and never give up! Taste everything throughout your cooking process. This helps you to train your taste buds and to get to know flavors.  Also, do not be afraid of something you may not be familiar with. Taking chances and experimenting with new things will only expand your skills and knowledge.

Get Cooking with Chef Laura Rainey

Guest chefs like Chef Laura Rainey bring a wealth of insight and entertainment in learning new cooking techniques and recipes with whole foods. Want to cook alongside Laura right from your own kitchen? Check out our upcoming class schedule and find a time and theme that sounds intriguing for you and your family. 




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