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Go Local With Flavorful Honey at Fustini’s

Open up anyone’s pantry and you’re bound to find some form of this sweet and syrupy ingredient. The bottle might be a classic bear shape or a sticky mason jar. You may pull it out everyday or just for that finishing touch on your dishes.

Honey is a versatile ingredient that comes with a variety of uses and benefits for your cooking experience and your health. And now, you can find local honey right at Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars.

This honey, from Great Lakes Bee Company, is 100% local, unprocessed, raw and unfiltered, which makes a difference in the quality and health benefits it brings. Sound delicious? Here are some interesting things to know about this new product at Fustini’s.
Why “Pure” Honey?

Next to the varieties of EVOO, vinegars, pastas and more, you’ll find pure honey on the shelves of your Fustini’s store or online. As Fustini’s products are committed to providing healthy and wholesome ingredients for you, this variety of honey is no different. Pure honey essentially means it is free of added ingredients such as caramel coloring, sugars, corn syrup or other artificial ingredients.

And in taste and health benefits, that purity makes a difference. Free from added - and potentially harmful - ingredients, honey can remain a food packed-full of health benefits that aren’t compromised by artificial processes. Just like the EVOO and balsamic vinegars you’ll find at Fustini’s, this honey is high-quality and intended to help you savor the benefits and flavors of the dishes you create.

Great Lakes Bee Company

With a commitment to providing only the best products, Fustini’s has partnered with Great Lakes Bee Company in providing this new, pure honey. A major highlight of this variety is that it’s local, Michigan-made right in Fremont, Mich.

This Michigan-based company started with Larry Hasselman, who had a passion for beekeeping and decided to create his own brand of honey, Hasselman’s Honey in 1974. Today, he sources his honey right from the bee yards where it all began in Newago County.

With growth opportunities, Hasselman added additional products to his brand including things like candles, lip balms, soaps and raw wax. When Genji Leclair stepped onto the scene, Hasselman helped teach her the ins and outs of beekeeping and producing honey and additional products that maintain at the highest quality. Today, the same sources and processes are kept in producing wholesome and natural honey through the Great Lakes Bee Company. Not only do they produce delicious honey, like what you can find at Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars, they also engage in teaching others about the world of bees and the importance of preserving the value that bees bring to life.

A Variety of Honey

While Great Lakes Bee Company offers a wide range of products, you can find select honey varieties right at your local Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars and online.

Michigan Honey & Cinnamon - this sweet and flavorful honey variety incorporates the balance of cinnamon that can amp up your teas, breads, marinades and much more. With this honey already infused with cinnamon, you won’t even need to add in extra cinnamon.

Michigan Pure Honey - this versatile flavor is perfect for all your honey needs. It’s a great compliment to a variety of oils and vinegars and has endless uses. It also pairs well with a plethora of vinegar and oil pairings and you mix and match your favorite flavors to create something deliciously wonderful.

Michigan Honey & Lemon - bring on the fresh and light lemony flavor in this infused honey that can brighten up a lot of your dishes.

Michigan Honey & Peppercorn - add a little spice and heat to your honey without having to add extra ingredients with this variety of peppercorn infused honey.

What to Do With Honey

Honey is one of those ingredients where you rarely can get bored in using it. Whatever meal you’re preparing or what ingredients you include, you often can always find a use for a variety of honey.


These varieties of honey make a great addition to a marinade for meat, pork, fish and other proteins you want to infuse with added flavor. Just add in a little bit to your combination of oil and vinegar and any other ingredients you want to incorporate.


Sweeten up your vinaigrette with a spoonful of honey and emulsify away. Adding in a sweet variety of honey can amp up your flavor and transform your salads from dull to delicious.


Bring your roasted or steamed veggies to a whole new level by glazing them with an infused honey variety.


Whether in your morning cup of tea, on a slice of whole grain toast or in a bowlful of nutritious oatmeal, honey can help wake you up and delight your tastebuds with delicious flavors.


Find a better alternative to artificial chocolate or caramel sauce and top your ice cream or other desserts with a drizzle of pure, natural honey.

Use Your Honey Your Way

With these four varieties of honey from Great Lakes Bee Company now available at Fustini’s, you can create the perfect flavor package with your favorite oils and vinegars. Discover new uses and ways to amp up your marinades, vinaigrettes, desserts and so much more with this local and wholesome honey.



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