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Go Virtual With Your Tasting: Five Things to Know About This New Fustini’s Experience


Like any new flavor of pairing, the best way to know if you like something is to taste it. 

Introduce a virtual olive oil tasting experience.

Going Virtual with Your Own Tasting Kit: 5 Things to Know 

These “Virtual Tasting Kits” invite you to try out our recently launched First Harvest SELECT olive oils. Ready to give it a try? Here we share five things you can expect from your very own virtual tasting experience with Fustini’s. 

1. Learn the Significance of Single Varietal Oils 

When it comes to olive oils, not all are pressed equally. In this virtual tasting session, you’ll learn a little bit about what makes these three single varietal oils so special and unique. Not only is this oil rare coming from the southern hemisphere, but it also has a level of freshness that elevates its nutritional value and flavor. We even worked with an EVOO expert, Paul Vossen, to ensure the products selected are of the utmost quality for the best possible experience for our customers. 

2. Choose to Sample on Your Own Time 

You’ve got your schedule. Find a virtual tasting time that works best for you. In your tasting kit, you’ll receive a list of dates and times you can register to schedule your virtual tasting with your new SELECT olive oils. Setting this time up ahead of time ensures you’ll be able to connect with a trained Fustini’s staff member to share about these oils and to taste with you. These virtual tastings are conducted via Zoom so you can connect through both audio and video capabilities. 

3. Taste the “Official” Way 

These varieties bring their own unique and complex flavor profiles. To get the most out of understanding and appreciating the flavor of the SELECT oil, we recommend a particular way to taste the oil. Never tried it before? Our Fustini’s staff member is more than willing to walk you through the recommended tasting technique, which involves letting the oil sit on your tongue for a second to be able to get the full flavor experience. After this virtual tasting, you’ll be sampling oils like a professional. 

4. Partner with Our Supportive Team of Staff 

Through this virtual tasting experience, you’ll get to partner with a Fustini’s staff member who is eager to connect and answer your questions about these unique and versatile SELECT EVOOs. Within our virtual conferencing capabilities, you’ll be able to ask questions, share comments and connect with this Fustini’s family that’s passionate about equipping you to stay safe and eat well. 

5. Share Your Feedback 

Surveys and emails can only do so much. With this virtual tasting, we’re so excited to be able to hear your thoughts and feedback about these new SELECT oil varieties. We want to hear from you - which one was your favorite, how do you see yourself using it in your everyday life and what flavor notes are you able to pick up. Regardless of which product you’re sampling, we believe these conversations and comments make a big difference in our future selections in providing our customers the flavors and varieties that matter to them. 

Go Virtual With Your Tasting 

Our tasting rooms may have limits, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the experience of tasting these new SELECT EVOO that we’re so excited to share with you. Through innovative technology and virtual connection, these virtual tasting experiences invite you to join with us in growing in your understanding of the value of high quality extra virgin olive oils and how they empower you to eat well. 




William Mason 1 year ago

I would like to know the costs of the tasting kit and the cost of the virtual tasting class.
Best regards,
Bill Mason

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Fustini's 1 year ago

Hi William - Virtual Olive Oil Tasting Kits/Experience are $60 each which includes 3-200ml bottles of olive oil, tasting cups, a chemical profile sheet as well as some simple ingredients to sample with your olive oil. The price also includes the 30+ minute event when we talk and taste olive oil together.

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Denise 6 months, 3 weeks ago

I’m interested in a virtual olive oil tasting for a conference I’m planning for about 30-35 people. Do you still offer virtual tasting kits? Ideally for May 4. Please contact me so that I can plan. Thank you!

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