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Going Gourmet With Harwood Gold


Maple syrup carries a lot of potential in the kitchen. 

From sweetening a bowl of oatmeal to layering flavors in a marinade to balancing the spiciness of a salsa, maple can be a versatile addition to your dish. 

But what if you could incorporate that vibrant and sweet maple flavor in pantry items you use everyday? 

Harwood Gold delivers. 

About Harwood Gold 

Harwood Gold in Charlevoix, Michigan offers gourmet pantry items -- all made with Michigan maple syrup. They collect that pure maple syrup themselves from trees they’ve tapped for years. 

And with that maple syrup, they’ve created a whole line of amazing products that you can add to all your recipes. The current owners are part of five generations that have brought local, flavorful maple syrup and more to the community and beyond. 

They’re dedicated to providing quality ingredients sweetened only with pure Michigan maple syrup. They’ve also started a café in addition to their retail store right in Charlevoix. From their jars of maple syrup to specialty pantry items, Harwood Gold emphasizes local flavors to celebrate from right here in their home state of Michigan. 

Five New Products from Harwood Gold You Should Try 

As a Michigan-founded company, Fustini’s is proud to feature products made right here in our home state. You can now find a range of flavorful and maple-infused pantry items at Fustini’s. 

As you explore new flavors and find great new gift ideas, here we share five new products you can find on Fustini’s shelves and online. And, of course, we love how these flavorful pantry items pair with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil so well! 

Blueberry Lemongrass Preserves 

Michigan-made goes well with Michigan-made. Blueberries from right here in Michigan are blended together with pure maple syrup from the trees in Charlevoix to create a sweet spread that you know also supports your community. With a citrusy flavor of lemongrass added in, this versatile preserve can add a pop of sweet and fruitiness to a variety of dishes. Use this Blueberry Lemongrass Preserve for ideas like: 

  • Swirl it into your vanilla yogurt for a pop of extra flavor.
  • Amp up the blueberry flavor in muffins with a spoonful or two of preserves. 
  • Top off a sliced baguette and sprinkle on some sharp cheese for a great addition to your charcuterie board. 

Get a 10oz jar for $11.95 online or in-store. 

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Raspberry Preserves 

Like the Blueberry Lemongrass Preserves, the Raspberry Preserves from Harwood Gold blend local fruit flavors of raspberries from right here in Michigan with their own maple syrup. The tart raspberry bite is well-balanced with the rich maple sweetness from their caramelly syrup. 

Use this Raspberry Preserve for ideas like: 

  • Pair the rich flavor of chocolate with a drizzle of these preserves over cake or ice cream.
  • Swap out store-bought syrup for these preserves as a topping for waffles and french toast. 
  • Spread on sliced crostini’s with creamy goat cheese for a quick appetizer. 

Pick up a 10 oz jar for $11.95 in-store or online.

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Fig & Maple Paste

With an ingredient like figs, you’re sure to impress your guests and family in whatever appetizer or dish you make. This easy-to-use spread combines the rich fig flavor with sweet and vibrant maple syrup. Its bright and versatile flavor makes it the perfect finishing touch to your charcuterie board, grilled meat or just a plain ole cracker. This spread also pairs very well with herbs like rosemary to create a balanced profile. 

Try this Black Fig and Maple Paste in ideas like: 

  • Offer it on a charcuterie board with other snacks like creamy goat cheese, salty prosciutto and sweet peaches. 
  • Spread it on your french toast as a sweet table syrup alternative.
  • Slit a chicken breast or pork loin and spoon some paste on and bake or sauté. 

9-oz jars are available for $14.95 in-store and online. 

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Horseradish Maple Mustard 

With Harwood Gold’s sweet maple syrup, they’ve also found delicious ways to turn up the heat on some popular condiments. This Horseradish Maple Mustard brings a bold bite of flavor to your sandwiches and dressings. Using their Michigan maple syrup, they’ve balanced spicy horseradish with sweet and smooth maple to offer a versatile and vibrant mustard you’ve got to taste for yourself. 

Try this Horseradish Maple Mustard in ideas like: 

  • Spread on sliced bread for a panini sandwich. 
  • Use it as a glaze over roasted root veggies or other meats. 
  • Kick up the heat on your charcuterie board by offering this mustard with your crackers, sweet fruit slices and salty meats. 

Get an 11.35-oz jar for $9.95 whether you shop in-store or online. 

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Farm-Style Sriracha

Sriracha is a common Asian-style hot sauce that really kicks up the heat for your dish. Now, with Harwood Gold’s blend with Michigan maple syrup, this sauce balances a sweet and spicy combination that’s sure to liven up your dishes. In this Farm-Style Sriracha blend, the spice comes from five different peppers including red bell peppers, guajillo chile peppers, japones chile peppers, pasilla chile peppers and ghost chile peppers. But don’t let all that heat make you sweat. By incorporating the smooth and sweet maple syrup, this sriracha sauce is well-balanced and amps up the flavor in everything from pizza to pasta. 

Try this Farm-Style Sriracha in ideas like: 

  • Drizzling over scrambled eggs or omelets for a south of the border breakfast. 
  • Bring a pop of spice to traditional mashed potatoes. 
  • Stir into a mayo or sour cream dip for an extra touch of heat. 

Whether you shop in-store or online, you can get an 8oz jar for $8.50. 

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Discover the Magic of Maple 

With maple syrup from right in Charlevoix, Michigan, Harwood Gold brings local and fresh flavor and flair to a versatile line of pantry items. We at Fustini’s are excited to carry these local products as you put together that perfect gift set or find new flavors and favorites. Whether you crave the heat like a sriracha or horseradish mustard or seeking extra sweetness with preserves and pastes, Harwood Gold’s maple syrup products can inspire your own maple-infused creativity. 

What are you cooking up with these maple-inspired pantry items? Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts! 




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