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Savor Summer with These Seven Peach Recipes


Of all the seasons, some would argue that summertime seems to fly by the most. One day you’re making all these plans you want to do while the kids are off school, then you’re watching fireworks for the 4th of July and soon enough, Labor Day creeps into the calendar, noting an end to the season. 

But regardless of how fast the season seems to go, you can enjoy fresh produce varieties all season long, and that doesn’t just end when the calendar turns to September. 

Like the peach. 

In Michigan, fresh peach season begins in July and runs through September, depending on the variety. While you can usually pick up these fruits anytime in the grocery store, selecting them yourself from the farmers market where you know they’re locally grown and picked from the tree just days ago makes a difference. 

As this fresh peach season is short in duration, there’s no limit to the fun you can have with these golden sources of sweetness. From desserts to salsas to marinades to salads and so much more, peaches are a versatile fruit that opens the door to creativity and discovering a new family favorite. 

7 Peach Recipes to Try Today

We’re here to help you get started in finding those perfect peach recipes. Even our Peach Balsamic Vinegar incorporates fresh fruit puree with vibrant notes of this seasonal favorite. During one of our previous “Fridays with Fustini’s” cooking demonstrations, we highlighted some great peach recipes - check out THIS VIDEO to catch our conversation. 

Next, we share 7 recipes to take advantage of this fresh peach season while you can. 

The Pie 

Let’s start with one of the most traditional ways to use up those peaches. That includes slicing them up and piling them in a fresh-baked crust, topped with a sweet crumble and maybe just a bit of ice cream to wrap it up. 

However you decide to construct your pie, you can’t go wrong with peaches. Stick with a traditional crust that you make yourself - or just get it at the grocery store - and add in a combination of thinly sliced peaches, sugar, water and some additional ingredients. Or, turn up the heat in the kitchen with this Spicy Peach Pie recipe that uses our Tunisian Harissa olive oil in the pie mix. Start with a base recipe and customize it as you see fit. 

Stuffed Peaches 

You’ve heard of a stuffed potato or pepper. But what about a stuffed peach? Whip up a quick filling using meats like shredded chicken, veggie options like avocado or seafood like in this Crab Stuffed Peach recipe. In this filling, you’ll throw together other fresh produce like peppers, celery and onions for an intriguing blend of textures and tastes. Slice your peaches in half and top it with this bright and colorful filling made just how you like it. Perfect for a summer lunch outside. 


A toasted panini can be a great pair with fresh fruits like apples, pears and of course, peaches. With a sharp cheese piled between slices of crusty bread along with whatever other veggies you layer in, the bright pop of flavor from peach slices transform your lunchtime go-to. This Peach and Fontina Panini recipe uses a reduction of our Peach Balsamic Vinegar to use as a dipping sauce for even more sweet peach flavor. 

Grilled Peaches 

When it comes to summertime cooking methods, firing up the grill is one of the most celebrated options. When the family’s outside, bring your dinner preparations out, too. From grilled corn to grilled pizza, it’s easy to find ways to use this often seasonal appliance. 

And that includes peaches. 

Grilled peaches have an amplified flavor brought on by the grill heat and bold char. Once you get those classic grill marks, toss the peaches in a salad, on top of your grilled meat or in a bowl with ice cream. 

Peach Tart 

For a mid-day snack or sweet after-dinner treat, toss your ripe peaches into an easy tart, like in this recipe. Whip up your own pastry dough or get it from the store. Then, mix together a sweet filling that includes flavors from ingredients like orange juice, almond extract, Sicilian Lemon Balsamic Vinegar - and of course, fresh peaches. Customize the flavor profiles based on your preferences, adding more peach flavor, balancing it with more apricot flavors or adding in your own ingredient. In the end, you’ll have a sweet treat perfect for the whole family. 

Pickled Peaches 

With pickle season in full swing, you may already have canning jars filled with sliced cucumbers or pickles. Add to your pickling list: peaches. With a simple brine, you can elevate the peach flavor with bold pepper and vinegar. Check out this recipe for a combination that uses our Habanero Agave Agrodolce that turns up the heat on your peaches. 

WIth pickled peaches, you can use every part of the pickling process. Not only do the peaches themselves offer a versatile addition to salads, pizzas and meats, but the vinegar brine in which the peaches marinate can also be used in a plethora of ways. Add it to a vinaigrette, add it into some whipping cream, use it as part of an agrodolce sauce or pour it in a meat marinade. 

Meats and Marinades 

Add some sweetness to your chicken or pork with the bold flavors of peaches. With the versatile flavors and cooking methods, there’s so many ways you can incorporate this summery fruit into your recipes. Grill or bake a chicken breast and top it off with cubed peaches before serving. Add some peach flavor to a marinade using our Peach Balsamic Vinegar with a spicy Chipotle oil or a fruity Persian Lime oil or create a salsa with other fresh summer produce to create a bright and colorful topping to your meats.  

Prepare Your Peaches Your Way 

From breakfast to dinner to dessert, peaches offer a wide range of possibilities to enjoy. Whether you turn them sweet, savory, spicy or salty, fresh peaches from your local farmers market can be a summer staple you can enjoy your way. 

How are you enjoying peaches this summer season? 




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