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Start the Day Off Right With These “Egg-celent” Recipes


Have you ever ordered a breakfast item only to be asked “how do you like your eggs?” 

For some, they have an answer right away. They get their eggs scrambled, poached or hard-boiled the same way every single time. Others may have a harder time choosing. Eggs can bring in a variety of textures that can really alter a dish. Hard-boiled eggs, for example, are quite different from sunny side up. 

Eggs have soared in popularity as a common breakfast choice. Whether they’re made on a daily basis, are made ahead and frozen or are saved for slower weekend brunches, eggs offer versatility and excitement, no matter what your schedule looks like. 

To share in the joy of eating eggs for breakfast and beyond, here we share some great reasons why eggs can be a delicious choice. We’ll also share some of our top “egg-celent” recipes to try out for yourself.  

Health Benefits of Eggs 

When it comes to an inexpensive source of protein, eggs are your best bet. While they may be known to be high in cholesterol and should be consumed with moderation and attention to your own health, there is much more to them. 

The egg white has more than half of the amount of protein in the entire egg, so eating just the egg white out of concerns for cholesterol or other issues with the yolk can still keep you feeling full. 

Eggs are also rich in vitamins and nutrients. They contain vitamins like B12, A, D, B2 and E, all of which serve important roles in your body. They are also high in things like iron and phosphorous, which also serve important functions in your body. 

Egg-celent Recipes for a Protein-Packed Day

With such a versatile ingredient as eggs, it’s no wonder that there are so many ways to incorporate them into your day, and that doesn’t mean just for breakfast. Here we share some of our favorite “eggy” recipes to inspire your own cooking. 

Asparagus and Leek Frittata - Add in some veggies with your fancy frittata with this easy recipe. By including both fresh leeks and Leek Olive Oil, the delightful flavors can shine.  

Avocado Toast with Marinated Eggs - “Marinated” eggs? Sure thing. This innovative recipe takes a traditional avocado and egg toast to a new level. Hard-boiled eggs sit in a soy sauce marinade to amplify the flavor and add a surprising twist alongside the avocado. 

Breakfast Tostadas - Arrange classic Mexican cuisine favorites like avocado, beans and tomatoes, then toss a sunny side up egg on top. This open-faced tostada brings in zesty flavors and seasonings to put a little pep in your step as you start your day. 

Boiled Egg Curry - Heat things up for your tastebuds with this zesty hard-boiled egg recipe. Bring in flavors like cardamom, cinnamon, Cayenne Crush Olive Oil and more for a bright source of protein and spice. 

Bubble & Squeak - Whip up this British favorite yourself with just a few simple ingredients. Topped with a Hollandaise sauce, this eggy dish can be enjoyed any time of day. 

Asparagus Frittata With Burrata and Herb Pesto - Another take on frittata, this recipe brings in smooth burrata cheese to make the perfect, smooth blend of egg and cream. 

Pesto Spanish Egg Tortilla - A tortilla made out of eggs? With a vibrant twist with potatoes, onions and Pesto Olive Oil, this versatile recipe can fit in well for any meal. 

Champagne Eggs and Ham - You may have heard of “green” eggs and ham, but what about adding some champagne? This savory egg dish brings in creamy swiss cheese with a sweet bit of champagne to make this perfect for brunch. 

Corned Beef Hash - Pair some salty and savory beef with a creamy poached egg for a delicious flavor balance. Add in some peppers, onions and potatoes and you’ve got a dish that can fulfill any mealtime. 

Holiday Egg Bake - While the red and green colors may fit with a seasonal theme, the flavors of this egg bake can be enjoyed year-round. Made with challah bread and flavored with ingredients like mustard, Worcestershire sauce and mushrooms, this savory recipe is a crowd-favorite anytime. 

Eggs Benedict Salad - Stack on delightful flavors in this easy take on the classic eggs benedict. The garlic-inspired Gremolata olive oil brings together ingredients like mustard, lemon zest, yogurt, ham and of course, the eggs. 

Eggs Florentine - Florentine, a cream wine sauce, brings in smooth cheese and other spices to create an egg sandwich you’ll have to taste to believe.

John’s Frisky Frittata - Make your frittata how you want with basic ingredients like peppers, cheese and eggs. Add some spice with Tuscan Spice Blend for an added boost of flavor. 

Eggs Jeannette - These stuffed eggs incorporate ingredients like parsley, clove and a Herbs de Provence olive oil. The dressing brings it all together, using mustard, egg yolk and balsamic vinegar

Eggs Piperade - This French egg recipe brings in tomatoes and bell peppers to create a frittata-like dish. 

Mushroom, Ricotta and Fried Egg Tartine - From the creamy eggs and cheese to the crunchy bread and walnuts, this tartine recipe is as exciting to make as it is to eat. 

Fried Egg and Asparagus - With just a few ingredients, this can be a quick and easy breakfast that gets you both your protein and veggies in one bite. 

Green Eggs and Ham - While it might be slightly different than Dr. Seuss’s classic story, this recipe is even more delicious. Topped with green tomatillo salsa, this recipe is a nice balance between heat, sweet and savory. 

Olive Oil Deviled Eggs - Wondering how you can make classic deviled eggs even better? Use olive oil. Add in flavors like paprika and mustard to bring your own take to this classic egg recipe.

Enjoy Eggs Any Time of Day 

While a plate of scrambled eggs may be often associated with the first meal of the day, the versatility of eggs can make them a perfect fit for any meal of the day. Try out some new recipes like those shared here and you may just discover a new favorite. 

What’s your favorite or go-to “eggy” dish? Let us know in the comments or on our social media channels. And if you try out one of these recipes, be sure to leave us a review on the recipe page to let us know what you think! 




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