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Stories Behind Our Photo Frame Labels


What does your office or home workspace look like? For many, their desk is surrounded by frames filled with photos of friends and family. They serve as reminders of good times, fun memories and recognize the significance of the moment - big or small. From your daughter’s wedding to a funny face your friend made when just hanging out, each moment has meaning.

When you look at a bottle of EVOO or balsamic vinegar from Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars, you’ll notice something different about our bottles. Sure, they share important information like the product’s flavor, volume and when it was freshly bottled. But the label that you see when you pick out your bottle means something more than just knowing what flavor you can expect.

For many of the bottles, the photo used in the label carry significance for both the Fustini’s team and where the high-quality EVOO and balsamics come from. There is a lot of focus and intention that goes into designing a product label for Fustini’s products. Each image, filter and design orientation is expertly crafted to provide the highest quality experience for our community.

Like those photo frames of your family’s vacation or plate of food, EVOO and balsamic labels have a story behind them. The photos are way beyond free stock photos. They each recall a place, memory and space in time to share in the Fustini’s experience.

Here, we let you in behind the scenes of some of those stories that have brought uniqueness and significance to our labels.

Ginger and Honey Balsamic Vinegar

This bright and lively label brings the joy and life of Kathryn and Mallory. Daughters of Fustini’s owner, Jim Milligan, these two posed for a photo that brings the sweetness and spice of this versatile balsamic.

Espresso Bean Balsamic Vinegar

For our Espresso Bean balsamic, we thought beyond the coffee cup. The image in this label is a photo taken in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. Owner Jim Milligan was on a tour of the coffee operations there. Once he saw a rancher coming down the coffee fields high above them, he knew he had to take the picture to share.

Tunisian Harissa Olive Oil

For a spicy and warm EVOO, the photo just had to be bright. The photo in this label for Tunisian Harissa has local roots, as well.The bold silhouettes of deadwood bring a stark contrast to the vibrant sunset. The location is one many of our customers may have visited as well, on a beach on East Bay in Traverse City, Michigan.

Michigan Apple Balsamic Vinegar

With our Michigan-made products, we wanted to do something unique with the label. A stock photo of an apple just wasn’t going to cut it. To celebrate the launch of a Michigan Apple product, Fustini’s conducted a community contest for designing the label of this balsamic that brings in local flavors. After a tough competition, the original artwork from Marsha Gresso of Traverse City was selected as the winning label design for this new product.

West Michigan Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar

With a name like “West Michigan” Blueberry, we just had to stick with our local focus. Holland store manager Denise Walburg shared her love for photography - and blueberries - with this bright and warm photo perfect for this new West Michigan product. Taken at the Holland Farmers Market, this photo features the fresh produce offered during Michigan summers.

At Fustini’s, you’re welcomed into an experience. The labels shared on our products labels come with meaningful, significant stories for both the flavors, team and culture of Fustini’s.

Which label is your favorite? Let us know in the comments or on social media!




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