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The Season for Soups: Fustini-fied Slurps to Try


With colder weather comes the pumpkin spice, the slow-roasted dinners and the sweet breads right out of the oven. 

And for many, colder temperatures makes us crave warm bowlfuls of soup even more. 

Although soup is considered a year-round favorite, there’s something different about its ability to warm and soothe your soul on colder days. Whether or not we’re feeling under the weather, soup can bring joy and warmth into your day. 

If you’ve had both a hearty clam chowder and a light chicken noodle soup, you’ll notice that not all soups are created the same. While the general theme of a slurp-able, sip-able bowl remains the same, the texture and flavor profiles can vary greatly. 

What are the Different Types of Soups? 

When you think of “soup”, you may have a variety of different bowls come to mind. The category of soup is diverse and incorporates a plethora of flavor combinations, textures and tastes. 


Smooth and rich, bisques are creamy soups that can be versatile and highly flavorful. It’s commonly made with shellfish, like a lobster bisque, or pureed veggies, like a carrot bisque. 


Thin and clear, broths are watery soups that can still pack in quite a bit of flavor. It’s often strained with meats and poultry, like a chicken broth. Or, you can simmer it with veggies and herbs. Most often, plain broth is incorporated as a foundation for soups and other ingredients. Chicken noodle soup has a broth base and remains a classic favorite for many. 


When you think of a chunky soup that packs in the ingredients, it may just be a chowder. Chowders can incorporate a variety of add-ins, from seafood to chicken to veggies to cheese. They can be quite thick and have a strong cream component, depending on the type. 


Yes, it is considered its own category. Classic chili recipes are known for having some sort of meat component as well as an amped up heat element. While the amount of spice is up to the chef, it also includes ingredients like beans, tomatoes and peppers. Yet with your creativity, chilis can be tailored to meet your exact preferences. 


Typically thought of as a Spanish dish, gazpachos are soups that are served chilled. They’ve usually got a base in pureed veggies, most often tomato. It may even have fruits added in for a fun and bright twist. 


Slowly roasted and simmering, stews are common comfort foods. It usually has veggies and some meat components in it that simmer together for a longer period of time. That time together allows the ingredients to marinate in the juices and flavors for a savory and smooth bowl. 

However you prefer to sip your soup, this type of cuisine has something for everyone. One of the really great things about soups is their versatility and adaptability when it comes to flavors and ingredients you toss in. If a recipe calls for an ingredient you don’t have or just don’t like, chances are you can omit it and still have the same or a similar spoonful. 

Best Fustini-fied Slurps to Try 

With so much potential for soups, we love sharing recipes that cover all bases of categories of soups. To help get you started on these seasonal favorites, here we share some of our favorite soup recipes. Do you have your spoon ready? 

Hearty and Savory 

These soups have some depth to them. Try out these bold and hearty bowls that are packed full of flavor. 

Cheddar Ale Soup -  Cream, cheese and bacon. With some veggies thrown in. The Worcestershire also adds a pop of bright flavor to bring it all together. 

Sundried Tomato Corn Chowder - Amp up this typical corn chowder recipe with a little heat from smoked paprika and color from sundried tomatoes. Top it off with some goat cheese croutons with a Tuscan twist. 

Manhattan Clam Chowder - Take a new twist on this seafood classic by incorporating some fresh veggies and clams. 

Pea Soup with Pickled Potatoes - With a vibrant veggie base, this classic warm bowl brings in bright flavors of Ginger and Honey balsamic and Meyer Lemon olive oil.

Turkey Chili - Make a soup that lasts for days by adding more veggies, peppers and more. Add some garnish to make it a real treat.  

Smooth and Flavorful 

These soups let the ingredients speak for themselves with a smooth texture and amped up flavor. 

Carrot Soup with Yogurt - Bring in the bold, sweet flavor of carrots with this easy soup. Ingredients like turmeric, coriander and Ginger and Honey Balsamic add an intriguing and zesty bite to each spoonful. 

Butternut Squash Soup - Feature this fall squash in a soup by roasting it and adding in with seasonings and a combination of milk and vegetable stock. 

Lobster Bisque - Elevate the flavor of this seafood classic with fresh veggies and herbs, including Herbs de Provence olive oil for an extra savory sip. 

Asparagus Gazpacho - Enjoy this bright green soup served cold that brings together healthy veggies like asparagus, cucumber and green pepper. 


Noodles are one of the most commonly added ingredients to soups. Check out these ideas that have warm pasta as a main ingredient. 

Chicken-Less Noodle Soup - Take a vegetarian approach to this soul-warming classic by using extra firm tofu instead of chicken. With flavor add-ins like carrots, Oregano balsamic and soy sauce, it’s packed with taste you won’t even notice the difference. 

Sausage, Kale and Pasta Soup - Perfect for wintertime, this recipe brings in the savory turkey sausage with vibrant kale. The Sicilian Lemon balsamic and red pepper flakes also add a pop of flavor. 

Minestrone - See how many beans and veggies you can pack into this traditional soup. With its flexibility, you can add to it what you like and leave out what you don’t.  

Snow Day Soup - Tortellini noodles add to the depth this soup brings, along with chicken broth, tomatoes and spinach for some color. 

Cream and More Cream 

These cream-based soups can be great add-ons to other dishes or just sipped up by themselves. 

Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup - With the boost of White Truffle oil and Sage and Wild Mushroom olive oil, this creamy soup is full of flavor and perfect as an ingredient for other dishes. 

Cream of Tomato - Toast up a grilled cheese and get ready to feel warm and comforted with this classic tomato-based recipe that may just bring you back to simpler times.

Savor the Season with Fresh and Flavorful Soups

Colder weather is the perfect time to try out some new soup recipes and recreate your family favorites. By incorporating fresh, seasonal veggies into your soups, you can stir together something amazing. So get your ladle ready and whip up something warm for dinner or lunch. 

What’s your favorite soup you’re craving this time of year? Let us know here in the comments or on our social media accounts!  




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