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5 Tips for Hosting a Fun and Festive Holiday Brunch


The holiday season often comes with time to get together with friends and family. And usually, those gatherings center around food. 

From full, three-course dinners to cocktail hours to a dessert night with friends, the type of get-together can vary greatly based on the crowd. They may come with gift exchanges, party games or other fun activities to celebrate this season. 

If you’re looking to incorporate a new take on a holiday get-together that goes beyond a potluck, a fun and festive holiday brunch can be a great alternative. 

This year, holiday get-togethers may look a little bit differently than other years. Rather than bringing together the whole neighborhood or all your extended family, these celebrations may take on a smaller, more intimate approach. No matter who you’re spending your holidays with--whether just your dog or all your cousins--it can still be a time to celebrate. 

Hosting a holiday-themed brunch can be an easy, budget-friendly approach to parties. Even if you’ve never been a brunch person, hosting this meal can be a great next step in spending time with family and friends this holiday. 

5 Tips for Hosting a Fun and Festive Holiday Brunch 

To help, here we share some quick tips to keep in mind as you plan your fun and festive brunch this year. Whether you’re getting together with the family or just one other friend, you can transform this morning meal into a holiday celebration.

1. Stay Relaxed 

While dinner parties and cocktail hours may have a more high-engagement, talkative and social approach, a brunch tends to feel more relaxed and chill. Depending on you and your family of friends’ style, hosting a holiday brunch can provide space to slow down and savor the experience. 

Especially with brunch menus, there are a lot of things you can make and prepare the night before or the morning of so that you’re not rushed when your guests walk in the door. 

2. Create a Timeline 

If you’re trying new recipes and planning several dishes that need to be heated or cooked at the same time, plan out a preparation timeline to help you stay organized. Knowing how long your different dishes need to bake for at what temperature can help you time things well so everything is done when you’re ready to eat. You won’t want to have to wait for the last egg dish to come out of the oven when everything else is ready to go. 

Your preparation can also be made easier by choosing dishes that don’t require much last-minute additions or work. For example, if you’re looking to incorporate an egg component, you may want to choose to do a baked egg dish like a quiche or frittata rather than individual omelets that require much more time. 

3. Offer a Variety 

With a meal like brunch, there are so many options to choose from. From sweet to savory, warm to cooled, baked to fried, it’ll be easy to make a menu where everyone can find something they love. 

If you know of any dietary restrictions of your guests, be sure to include options to accommodate their needs. Include dishes across food groups, including fruits, veggies, proteins and carbohydrates. Balance the sweet and savory so your dishes aren’t all one or the other. Even if you’re planning on just a few dishes, mix up the flavors to intrigue your guests and ensure there’s something they’ll enjoy.

4. Follow Your Style

Another great thing about brunch is that it can be as fancy or casual as you want it to be. Dress it up with glasses of mimosa in champagne glasses or loosen it up with paper plates and cups. When you’re the host, you make the rules and set the tone for what kind of brunch you want to have. 

Depending on what your style is, you may consider adding place cards for people’s seats. Maybe you’ll add a simple centerpiece of flowers or other decoration to set the holiday theme. You can have Christmas music playing softly in the background to create an atmosphere of holiday cheer. 

5. Keep Your Food Warm

Even if you have a well-planned out timeline, you may have food left on your buffet table, waiting for people to come up for seconds. Rather than serving those returning diners cold french toast or soggy bacon, keep the extras in a warm oven until people are ready for more. Keeping the oven on warm, not a cooking temperature, will prevent your dish from becoming over-done but still warm for a fresh plate. 

Delightful Brunch Recipes 

Ready to host? Here are a few easy and delicious brunch recipes you can serve at your next holiday brunch party. Not hosting a party? Try them out and enjoy them for just yourself. 


Serve up some sweet sips, served hot or cold, as your guests await the main meal. 

Agrodolce Mimosa - Add a pop of refreshing flavor from Ginger Lime Agrodolce and Cara Cara Vanilla balsamic with this new take on a traditional mimosa. 

Cinnamon Pear Eggnog - Incorporate the seasonal cinnamon flavor in a homemade eggnog recipe. This is a great option to make ahead of time and enjoy all season long. 

Hot Chocolate - Revamp this classic beverage with an Espresso Bean reduction that packs in a pop of sweetness to the creamy drink. 

Savory Dishes

Add protein and a pop of flavor with these savory options. 

Quiche with Root Vegetables - Bring in the color of these great seasonal veggies like carrots, parsnips and sweet potatoes for a savory bite. 

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash - Combine the heartiness of roasted potatoes with the creamy poached egg for a savory dish that’s sure to delight your guests. 

Eggs Florentine - Enjoy this sandwich-like egg dish that incorporates a creamy Florentine sauce that ties it all together. 

Breakfast Pizza - Bring two amazing things into one. This revamped pizza recipe brings in seasoned sausage and creamy cheese for a pizza you’ll want to eat all day long. 

Kohlrabi Pancakes - Try a veggie-based alternative with seasonal kohlrabi and savory seasonings.

Sweet Treats 

Turn the sweetness up on the table with these brunch favorites. 

Pumpkin French Toast - Bring a holiday take to a traditional french toast recipe. Top it off with a homemade maple syrup blend with Maple balsamic and Iron Fish Bourbon Maple Syrup

Sweet Potato Orange Bread - Bring in a zest of citrus with Blood Orange olive oil in this sweet bread, perfect for any time of day. 

Celebrate the Holidays with Brunch 

Go beyond the traditional Christmas dinner with a holiday-inspired brunch menu. Whether you’re enjoying the season with extended family or just a few special people, brunch can be a fun and unique option to celebrate the season. With these helpful tips and delightful recipes, you can jump into “brunching” with confidence and creativity. 




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