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Top Ways to Celebrate Fresh Raspberries


Here in Michigan, we love the fresh produce available year-round. No matter the season, you can support local by getting fruits and veggies right from your neighbors. Yes, even in the winter, you can take advantage of what Michigan crops have to offer. 

As we transition into these summer months, one fruit we’re really looking forward to using is raspberries. Whether you stop by your local farmers market to pick up a quart or two or head out to the field to pick some berries yourself, these sweet explosions can’t be missed. In Michigan, the raspberry season typically falls from early July to mid-August. 

While you can find raspberries in the grocery store most any time of year, stocking up on those sweet berries during those months helps you get the freshest selection from right in your own community. 

Like other summer berries like strawberries and blueberries, raspberries are a versatile fruit that you can incorporate in any meal from breakfast to dessert. And with their health benefits, you may just want to keep popping them in your mouth as a delicious snack. 

Once you stock up on these berries, how will you use them? While tart, there are a variety of ways you can cook, bake and garnish with raspberries. To help get you started on your raspberry fix, here we share some easy and quick ways you can add these bright red berries in your next dish. 

Sweet and Summery Ways to Enjoy Raspberries 

Whether raspberries are your annual go-to fruit or are new to its versatility, we’re here to spark some fun ideas. Check out these easy dishes and recipes to enjoy this seasonal burst of brightness. 

Top Off Your Oatmeal 

Bright some bright color - and powerful antioxidants - to your morning bowl of oats. Make your oatmeal how you like it; milk or water, adding in flax or chia seeds, protein powder and whatever other ingredients you include to make it yours. After cooking it on the stove or in the microwave, top your bowl off with ¼ cup of fresh raspberries. If you’re interested in trying something new, you can flavor your oatmeal in a sweet, more dessert direction by adding in a little bit of cocoa powder, sugar and topping it off with fresh berries after cooking. 

Add Some Sweetness to Your Salad 

Toss in some raspberries in your leafy green mix for a pop of sweetness for lunch or dinner. And when you’re looking for what to dress your salad with, you can elevate that raspberry flavor even more with a vinaigrette made with a Raspberry Balsamic and an Extra Virgin Olive Oil like Basil or Herbs de Provence.  

Jar Some Jam 

Keep that fresh raspberry flavor going in sweetening up toast, sandwiches and other treats. Fresh raspberries can be cooked down and made into jams and jellies. The bright bold flavor goes well with breads, chocolate desserts and much more. 

Reduce for a Syrup 

Go beyond sugary syrups for your morning meal by replacing it with a raspberry reduction. Cook down your raspberries into a compote or reduce a raspberry balsamic to make an all-natural and rich flavor topping for your pancakes, french toast and more. You can even top brownies with a raspberry reduction, like in this fruity recipe

Whip up Berry Muffins 

Raspberries go great in baked treats like muffins and scones. Add them into your favorite versatile muffin recipe for a pop of color and sweetness. And, you can even top those fresh-baked muffins with that raspberry jam you’ve made, too! 

You can also bake up some cream puffs with a light raspberry cream. Check out this recipe for a sweet and bright treat. Not only does it incorporate raspberry flavor in the cream filling, but it also features a raspberry glaze and topped with even more fresh berries. 

There are so many more ways you can bake using these bright berries. Throw them in a pie. Make up a batch of tarts with a raspberry filling. Try out a cobbler recipe that features sweet summery flavors. Use them to top off a cheesecake. With these berries, the possibilities are endless. 

Make a Mousse

A mousse is a rich, fluffy dessert that incorporates air to create a savory dessert. Adding in raspberry into this recipe amps up the flavor for a treat you’ll enjoy by the spoonfuls. Check out this recipe that weaves in raspberry flavor from both fresh berries and rich balsamic vinegar.  

And with the healthy benefits of raspberries like antioxidants, nutrients and anti-aging properties, this dessert could almost be called a “health food.” 

Get an Extra Raspberry Kick with Balsamic 

Can’t get enough of that bright raspberry flavor? Make it easier to incorporate that rich flavor all year long in your balsamic. Our raspberry balsamic is infused with Italian raspberry puree to satisfy your berry-craving. And with such a versatile flavor, you can weave it into so many dishes. Use it in a marinade for chicken. Drizzle it on your salad. Reduce it to make a syrup. Splash it in some Greek yogurt. 

With so many ways to cook and bake with these berries, you’ll want to enjoy fresh raspberries all season long. Pick some up at your local market or grocery store today and discover your favorite way to enjoy these seasonal sweets. 




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