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Virtual Cooking Class: Linda's Story


Whether whipping up a quick breakfast or preparing a three-course holiday dinner, ingredients matter. And with so many flavor combinations and ingredients out there, exploring new applications can be quite exciting and transformative. 

Inspired by a Fustini’s chef, Linda sought out new recipes and ways to incorporate ingredients. She jumped into a virtual cooking class to fuel her curiosity and discover more ways to incorporate her favorite ingredients into new dishes. 

Q&A With Linda 

Fustini’s connected with Linda to ask her some questions about her experience in a recent virtual cooking class. Here, she shares some great insight on how discovering new recipes can fuel the fun in the kitchen. 

What inspired you to take your first cooking class at Fustini’s?

Answer: I knew one of the chefs, Chef Christie. I was interested in seeing what her role was and how the classes took place at Fustini’s. I grow my own lavender and have enjoyed using the Lavender balsamic vinegar at our shop and at home. As I have used many of the oils and vinegars, I was looking forward to exploring new ideas for my home cooking.

Have you always enjoyed cooking? 

Answer: I enjoy cooking and collecting recipes. The Fustini’s website has been very intriguing. I enjoy learning new ways to use the oils and vinegars. During the COVID pandemic, many of us are doing more cooking at home. The recipes on the website have given great inspiration.

What’s one of the biggest takeaways you’ve had as a result of cooking classes?

Answer: I had not done any Asian recipes. This was an excellent way to try a new cuisine and achieve success. I used miso for the first time and was really impressed. The recipes were delicious and I will be preparing them again. I have learned new techniques and worked with new ingredients. This was a successful way to try a "new-to-me" cuisine.

What do you enjoy about cooking classes at Fustini’s? 

Answer: For my first cooking class, I invited three friends to attend the class with me. We had a great time cooking together. Having extra hands in the kitchen made it easier to put the meal together and then enjoy our time together.

The cooking class was a positive experience that allowed me to enjoy friends and food during a time of restricted communications and gatherings. It is a way to stay connected to the outside world of culinary arts and enjoy the companionship of friends.

I would definitely recommend taking a Fustini's cooking class for new ideas, great recipes and a fun gathering.

Discover New Ideas at a Cooking Class 

Through a cooking class at Fustini’s, whether virtual or in-person, you can unlock the fun of bringing new ingredients into the kitchen. Ready to try out a class for yourself? Check out our upcoming calendar and our different class types to get set to expand your cooking knowledge and experience. 




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