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What is a Fustini’s Tasting Bar? Five Things To Know


There’s a thrill that comes in trying new flavors, foods and taste combinations. Whether you consider yourself an adventurous foodie or a consistent connoisseur, amping up your tastebuds with new flavor combinations can be a great way to inspire your cooking habits.

When you step into a Fustini’s store, there are a lot of oil and vinegar options to test out and try. Whether you try each individually or keep the oil and vinegar separate, trying the product before you buy makes sure that it’s something you and your family, or the person you’re shopping for, will absolutely love.

Tasting is an experience, and an important one in refining your Fustini’s repertoire. That’s why we’ve extended your opportunities to taste your favorite products and try out new ones at our partner locations. These “tasting bars” included in our partner specialty shops let you find your Fustini’s when you can’t make it in to the store or are in a different part of town.  

What does this new kind of Fustini’s experience look like? Here we share five fun things to know about these Fustini’s Tasting Bars:

1. Try New Flavors

Getting to taste a flavor before you buy it helps you know that what you’re getting is actually something you’re going to love and use all the time. Whether in our tasting room at your local Fustini’s or at one of these special tasting bars, you can discover new flavors.

2. Explore With Just a Few Steps

Unlike our Fustini’s tasting rooms, these tasting bars in specialty shops only carry a select variety of olive oil and balsamic vinegar flavors. If you tried every oil and balsamic in a Fustini’s store at one time, that would be a hearty serving of EVOO and balsamics. If you feel a little overwhelmed or overeager with such fun variety, the more select flavors make it more manageable to try every flavor. These tasting bars incorporate primarily our most popular flavors so you get to know what others think are their favorites, too.

3. Make a Stop at our Partner Shops

Wondering where you can find a tasting bar near you? Check out this list of store options across Michigan. Stop by one local or make it a trip during your spring and summertime travels. If you’re not near a Fustini’s location, the added convenience of shopping at a specialty store allows you to still stock up on your favorite flavors, even when your friends at Fustini’s are a ways away and you can’t wait for shipping.

4. Learn From Trained Staff

To help guide you in your flavor exploration at a Fustini’s Tasting Bar are trained staff from the specialty store that can help you find what you love and perhaps introduce you to something new, as well.

5. Earn Frequent Buyer Club Member Rewards

Although you may not physically be in a Fustini’s store when you visit a Tasting Bar in a specialty shop, you can still rack up rewards points as you shop. If you’re part of our Frequent Buyer Club rewards program, or want to join, you can grow your rewards as you make your purchase. This rewards program allows you to get a free bottle when you purchase 11 bottles of EVOO or balsamic vinegar. Just like in the Fustini’s store, you can get rewarded for getting those flavors you love. All you have to do to get your points awarded is bring in your receipt from your purchase at the tasting bar and we’ll credit your account with the bottles you’ve purchased.

Delight Your Taste Buds at a Tasting Room

Expand your love of olive oil and balsamic with the opportunity to taste before you buy, now even more convenient for you at our Fustini's Tasting Bars. Take a trip to one of our many tasting bars located throughout Michigan and when you can’t make it in to the store, swing by and pick up your favorite or something new. Have an idea of where you’d like to see a tasting bar? Let us know! We’re always looking for new opportunities!




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