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What Is Agrodolce? Your Guide to this Vibrant Condiment

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In the world of specialty food products, you’ll come across some new and exciting flavors. From charcuteries to black truffle to foie gras and so much more, you can impress your friends just by the pronunciation of some dishes and ingredients. 

Add to that list the “agrodolce,” which you can now find at Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars. 

Agrodolce can be a great addition to a variety of dishes with its versatile flavor and basic components. This versatility empowers you to make your dish your own, amplified with the flavors of agrodolce. 

What is an Agrodolce? 

If your pantry shelf has never held an agrodolce or if you’re new to this ingredient, we’re excited to introduce it to you. Here, we share some key things to know about what an agrodolce is and how you can incorporate it into your everyday cooking. 

1. Agrodolce = Sour + Sweet 

To understand the flavor of an agrodolce, all it takes is looking at its name. In Italian, “agro” means sour. “dolce” means sweet. When you combine it together, you’ll have a sweet and sour flavor that is well balanced and a perfect add-in to your recipe. 

2. Two Ingredients and Endless Versatility

So how does this sweet and sour combination happen? The foundation of an agrodolce comes from just two ingredients. The “agro” flavor comes from vinegar that’s rich in flavor. At Fustini’s, we use our 12 Year balsamic and/or our Apple Cider vinegar in our agrodolce. This vinegar is combined with a sweet element -- at Fustini’s, we use either pure cane sugar or agave, depending on the blend. 

With that base, agrodolce take on additional flavor through herbs and spices that transform this condiment beyond a basic balsamic. 

3. Flavor Profiles For Whatever You’re Cooking 

Staring with that foundation, an agrodolce opens the door to new ways to amp up the flavors of your dishes. For example, Fustini’s now offers four popular, versatile flavor profiles ranging from spicy to savory. Shiitake infuses fresh mushroom flavor for a savory addition. The very versatile Rosemary Garlic elevates the bright ingredients in a stir-fry or marinade. Habanero Agave brings an enticing element of heat that’s softened with the sweetness of agave. And the Ginger Lime brings a bright combination of citrus and savory for a new take on your classic dishes. 

No matter the cuisine you’re whipping up, the bright and vibrant flavors of an agrodolce can transform your tastebuds from dull to delightful. 

4. Agrodolce Have Their Roots in Italian Cuisine 

As its name implies, the agrodolce stems from Italian cooking. While Chinese cuisine may be what’s often referred to when it comes to sweet and sour sauces, this Italian take can’t be overlooked. Typically, agrodolce can take on a more savory and robust flavor profile that pairs well with cheese plates, sauces, marinades and much more. It’s also often incorporated with the flavors of onions that can pair well with your dinnertime dishes. 

5. Add Flavor Instantly 

Another great thing about the agrodolce is that it adds a bright and bold flavor to your dish instantly. With a delightful balance of sour and sweet, as well as the addition of other herbs, spices and flavorings, you’re just a drizzle away from transforming your stir-frys, marinades, roasted veggies, salsas and so much more. 

How Do I Use Agrodolce? 

Like balsamic vinegars, agrodolce offers a wide range of ideas to incorporate it into your dishes. With its vibrant flavor balance of sour and sweet, it effectively amps up the flavor of whatever you’re whipping up. Here we share some of our favorite ideas to weave in this delightful condiment. 

  • Add to a wine reduction as a sauce for seafood and pasta
  • Drizzle over roasted vegetables 
  • Use it in a marinade for chicken
  • Drizzle on bread slices for an extra pop of sweetness in your lunchtime sandwich 
  • Use on a cheese plate for a surprising flavor option
  • Combine with mayonnaise or mustard for an aioli spread for over meat and veggies
  • Amp up the brightness of a morning mimosa 
  • Mix it in sparkling water or your favorite liquor for a summer drink
  • Roast potatoes, beans and tomatoes 
  • Amp up the sweetness of fresh fruit with a drizzle 
  • Finish off a baked pork chop with a splash
  • Add some spice to Korean Orange Chicken

However you choose to amp up your flavor for your dishes, an agrodolce can make it happen. Discover how you can transform your dishes with just a splash of an agrodolce, now at Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars! 




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