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What We’re Cooking Up At Home: Nine Ideas to Try For Yourself


Many of us have been spending a lot more time in the kitchen during this pandemic. 

Our presence in the kitchen may be out of necessity. Getting takeout from our favorite restaurants may not be feasible for every breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you’re left to fend for yourself. And even if that’s bringing a pot to boil for a box of macaroni, you’re still doing it. Way to go! 

For others, exploring new recipes and ideas in the kitchen may be a fun stress-relief that we look forward to regularly. Perhaps you’ve rediscovered the joy of home cooking after a time of being always on-the-go. You’ve found getting your hands dirty and your kitchen counters messy a productive way of navigating the stress of this season. 

Whichever camp you’re in, we’re excited to partner with you in your culinary adventures. 

We’re in this together. 

As you navigate grocery shopping and ensuring your kids are doing their homework, take some time for yourself in getting in the kitchen to savor old favorites and try something new. 

While during this season, we’ve transitioned our “School of Cooking” and recipe ideas into a virtual experience through Facebook Live and regular recipe videos. In this social distancing, we remain passionate about sharing the joy of cooking, wherever you are. Whether you have five minutes in the morning before starting work or an hour or two to enjoy the experience of chopping vegetables and preparing dinner slowly, the art of cooking is something you can always incorporate into your routine both now and in the future. 

To help spark some new ideas as you continue in your “quarantine cooking,” here we share some great recipe ideas and videos to try out this week of staying at home. 

Recipe Ideas to Try For Yourself While Cooking at Home 


Get ready for that virtual happy hour with your friends and family with these tasty appetizer recipes for you to enjoy on your own or to share with others. 


Basic bruschetta consists of a crostini topped with a mixture of tomatoes, spices and other add-ins. One of the great things about bruschetta is that that versatile recipe can be transformed based on what flavors you’re looking to incorporate. Go greek with a tomato, olive and feta combination. Try something spicy by including spicy peppers and a kick from Spicy Korean balsamic in the topping. 

Check out this video of Chef Sofia showing you how to make your own flavorful, Italian-inspired bruschetta. 

“Enough Said” 

Cheese. Bacon. Tomato. Wine. What more could you want? This super simple appetizer goes great with seasoned crostinis for your next family or virtual happy hour. Follow along with this video tutorial. 

Asian Coleslaw Salad 

Throw together whatever veggies you might have in the fridge with this colorful and healthy salad. With ingredients like carrots, cabbage and scallions, tossing up this salad is super quick and easy. Incorporating that vibrant asian flavor is easy with lime juice, cilantro and Japanese Sesame Oil to finish it off. Check out this video tutorial for a quick snack or side dish. 


Wow your family - or yourself - with these fun ideas for a tasty evening meal. No matter if you have 20 minutes to pull something together or a couple of hours to enjoy the process, now’s a great time to get cooking. Here are some things we’ve been cooking up while staying home. 


Think making pasta is too complicated? Think again. With the right ingredients, you can make your own noodles and ravioli. If you’ve never tried making pasta before, this season can be a great time to try something new. You might just discover you’re a real pro at it! To help you get started, check out this ravioli recipe with a pancetta and asparagus filling. 

Caprese Prosciutto Sandwich 

Don’t overthink this fancy-sounding dish. With just a few key ingredients like prosciutto, tomato and mozzarella, you can amp up your sandwich routine. By incorporating Gremolata oil on the focaccia bread and adding a brightness of balsamic glaze, you can pull this dinner together quickly and effortlessly. Check out our Guest Chef John’s tutorial here

Scotch Eggs 

Ever tried breakfast for dinner? This recipe from our guest chef Nichole Klosterman for Scotch Eggs brings in a unique take on eggs and sausage. Topping it all off is a sweet drizzle of maple balsamic that harmonizes the herbs and rich flavors. 

Check out our video tutorial here from Nichole.

Pork Tenderloin with Cherry Salsa

Pork and cherries are a match made for each other. This easy recipe combines the flavors of tart, vibrant cherries with the fresh herbs infused into grilled pork. Not only does it incorporate fresh cherries, it also features bright cherry balsamic in both the marinade and the salsa. Satisfy your cherry craving and follow along in this recipe tutorial. 


Especially in this season that can be so filled with stress, finding little moments of joy is important. And often, that can easily come through enjoying sweet desserts to end your meal - or anytime during the day. Here are some fun recipes we’ve tried to amp up your celebration of dessert. 

Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake 

Harmonize the flavors of coffee, blood orange and chocolate in this light cake. It’s dairy-free and rich in flavor. Bring in a refreshing citrus element with a Blood Orange Olive Oil that makes this cake basically healthy. 

Check out this video tutorial in making this delish cake. 

Lavender Balsamic Strawberries with Mascarpone Cheese 

Compliment the sweet strawberry flavor with floral notes of lavender in this simple and healthy dessert recipe. By macerating the berries in our lavender balsamic, you’ll infuse a bright flavor in your snack-worthy dessert. 

What will you discover in your kitchen? 

No matter your skill or comfort level in the kitchen, there are always new and fun things to try out. What will you be cooking up this week? Let us know by commenting below or sharing with us on social media! 




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