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Your Guide to Campfire Cooking: Six Recipe Ideas to Try This Summer


The summer season welcomes in alternative methods to preparing food. With more time spent outside, it’s prime time for outdoor cooking. Often, that includes firing up the grill for juicy burgers and roasted corn on the cob. Whether you have an electric, charcoal or gas one, that grilling flavor is a trademark of the season. 

But in remembering back to our childhood days, perhaps there may be another way to cook up those hot dogs and sweet treats. Regardless if your family goes out camping or just spends an evening outside on the deck, campfires are another great way to bring the cooking outside. 

And campfires can be for much more than roasting marshmallows. 

Grabbing a few logs, striking a match and fueling it with kindling is a practice for many families during the long summer days when the sun doesn’t go down till late. Campfires can be great settings for storytelling - whether classic ghost stories or re-living the good old days. 

No matter the setting, your company or how you got the campfire started, it’s a great opportunity to cook up something delicious. 

6 Ideas for Campfire Cooking

As we celebrate this summertime season perhaps in different ways than what we had anticipated, we’re here to help. Next, we share six easy, family-friendly recipe ideas you can try when you light your next campfire. 

1. The S’more 

Of course, we start off with the standard, traditional treat most commonly associated with campfires. With a roasted marshmallow, two graham crackers and a slice of chocolate, you can instantly create a classic summertime treat that brings you back to bare feet and freedom. 

But if you want to amp up that snack, you can add in some extras, too. For example, drizzle on some raspberry balsamic glaze on the graham cracker before assembling for a pop of fruit flavor in your s’more. Or, replace the slice of chocolate with a blood orange brownie to stack on with the marshmallow and graham cracker. With the classic foundation, you can use your creativity to bring a new take on an old treat. 

2. Grilled Cheese 

Cooking irons, tonka pies, cast iron camping cooker -- whatever you call it, this handy campfire essential can help you make a variety of recipes outside. Whether your sandwich is sweet, savory, hearty or earthy, this childhood staple can help you make it happen. After spraying the insides of both your cooking irons, drizzle on the sliced bread some flavorful and herby olive oil like Tuscan Herb or Herbs de Provence. Then, layer on the cheese, add the other oiled bread and roast in the fire until the cheese is melted and gooey. Amp up your sandwich with extra add-ins like spinach, tomato slices, peppers or even sliced apples. Get creative and make it your own. 

3. Roasted Corn 

Have you ever tried roasting corn on the grill? With an aluminum foil wrapping, you can also get that flavorful roasted corn taste from your campfire, too! After husking and rinsing the corn, drizzle on some olive oil like Persian Lime or Chipotle to amp up the flavor. Then, wrap it up in aluminum foil and let it cook on the fire coals for about five minutes. Unwrap it and drizzle with more oil and salt if desired. 

4. Baked Potato

Like the roasted corn, you can also roast a potato over the fire with just some oil and aluminum foil. Wrap it up in foil and let it cook on the coals for 10-15 minutes depending on the size of your potato. Then, serve it with your favorite toppings for a delicious summertime lunch or dinner. 

5. Kebabs 

Stack on your favorites like fruits, meats and veggies and roast them over the open flame. These skewered snacks make a perfect appetizer or even a whole meal. If you’re adding meat, be sure to soak your meat in a flavorful marinade, like basil and blueberry for chicken or thyme and Worchestershire sauce for steak. With so many ways to mix and match flavors and ingredients to skewer on, this outdoor cooking idea can be fun for the whole family. 

6. Use Your Cast Iron

If you have a cast-iron pan, you’re already on your way to whipping up a delicious lunch, appetizer or dinner that’s easy to prepare, cook, serve and clean up afterward. With a cast iron pan and a grate over your campfire, you can melt cheese over your nachos, heat up a deep-dish pizza or cook up a stir fry with ease. Cast iron pans make it easy to get that at home, in the kitchen taste while enjoying the great outdoors. Discover and try out what you can make in a cast iron and a fire for your next outing. 

Enjoy the Summer Season with a Campfire 

Whether you’ve been looking forward to cooking up your meals with a campfire or have seen it as a plan B with navigating canceled summer plans, the outdoor campfire has a lot to offer. With these starter ideas, you can explore your own culinary passions and discover a new family favorite, whether out at the campground or just in the backyard. And with the fresh and vibrant flavors of olive oils and vinegars from Fustini’s, you’ll amp up the traditional campfire recipes to inspire new ideas into your summer season. 




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