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Did you know? If you purchase 11 bottles from Fustini's stores or online, you get the 12th bottle free! Learn more here
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Frequent Buyer Program

As a member of the Frequent Buyer Club you receive credits for bottles purchased at any of our Fustini's stores and online. To reward your loyalty you will receive 1 free bottle for every 11 purchased*.  Thank you for shopping with Fustini's!

Are you at 11 bottles and would like to redeem your free bottle? We are currently unable to redeem your free bottle online. Please give our store a call before a new online order ships and we'll include the free bottle in the shipment. Otherwise, call our store at 231-944-1145 to place your next order and ask to redeem then.

Not seeing your account balance when you log in? The email you use must match your Frequent Buyer email provided in the Fustini's store for online purchases to be credited to your Frequent Buyer account. If this is your first online purchase since February 2016, register as a NEW CUSTOMER to receive bottle credit. If you are having trouble viewing your balance or have any other questions please give one of our stores a call.

*Purchase credits are as follows: 200ml and 375ml bottles qualify as 1 bottle purchase credit, 750ml qualifies for 2 bottles purchase credit, and 4 of the 60ml sampler bottles qualify as 2 bottles purchase credit.

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