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Arbequina SELECT - Chile

Imported from Valparaiso Region, Chile   

FLAVOR: This is a very early harvest Arbequina that has very unique flavor characteristics.  It tastes a bit like a mild Frantoio or Leccino.  It is very fresh and quite pungent with bitterness that creeps up and keeps coming.  The oil has nuttiness or butteriness but mostly green herbal characteristics.

COMPLEMENTS: Fish, Mild Salad Greens, Mild Cheeses, Pesto, Home Baking, Raw Vegetables, Raw Shellfish, Eggs, Plain Yogurt

Polyphenol: 295      Free Fatty Acid: 0.1%
Complexity: 9       Balance: 10
Freshness: 10         Overall: 9

CRUSH DATE: May 2020

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