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Cinnamon Pear balsamic vinegar (Dark)

The rich toasted cinnamon aroma and the sweet taste of Anjou pear are harmoniously combined to make a savory and sweet balsamic vinegar. A drizzle of this balsamic is great to flavor oatmeal, yogurt or ice cream. You can also create a marinade for pork or poultry


Blood Orange olive oil, Butter olive oil, Meyer Lemon olive oil, Persian Lime olive oil, Sage and Wild Mushroom olive oil, Walnut oil or any SELECT olive oil

  • Combine with Blood Orange for an olive oil and vinegar dressing.
  • Add to wine for poaching pears or apples to top salads.
  • Drizzle on Greek yogurt, ice cream or oatmeal.
  • Use as a glaze on seafood.
  • Reduce and fold into whipping cream or mascarpone.
  • Add to your favorite oatmeal blend.

Contains naturally occurring sulfites
Imported from Modena, Italy

Recipes Using Cinnamon Pear Balsamic

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