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Frantoio SELECT Extra Virgin Olive Oil - CHILE

Herbaceous, with dominant flavors of fresh-cut grass, mint and cinnamon. It is intensely fruity, pungent and bitter with chili pepper and black pepper finish.

COMPLEMENTS: Fish, Salad Greens, Mild Cheese, Pesto, Baking, Shellfish, Vegetables

Polyphenol: 327                      Free Fatty Acid .19%
Complexity: 10                        Balance 10
Freshness: 10                           Overall 9.2

CRUSH DATE: May 2021
Imported from the Valparaiso Region, Chile

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Customer Reviews

  1. Superb Taste

    We had Fustini's Frantoio as a dipping olive oil with a meal in an upscale restaurant in Petoskey, Mi. We could not stop dipping our bread in it! We asked the waiter about the oil and he mentioned Fustini's and was kind enough to write down the specific name of the oil. Before we left Petoskey to return to our home downstate we went to the shop on Howard St. and bought a bottle. It has a remarkable & memorable flavor. Truly one of the best we've ever had. While downstate we've tried to find a similarly-flavored oil but there's none so far that comes close to Frantoio. Five stars*****

    Reviewed by Kate on Jan. 25, 2022, 4:02 p.m. | Permalink

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