Fustini's Oils and Vinegars

Hojiblanca - CHILE

Imported from Linares, Spain

FLAVOR: This oil has a nice herbal and floral aroma typical of the variety. It is a robust oil with nicely balanced strong, leafy-green fruitiness, strong spicy pungency, and medium bitterness. The flavor is dominated by green leafy herbaceous flavors of mint, nettle, green banana, green tea, woodiness, and black pepper.

COMPLEMENTS: Fish, Mild Salad Greens, Mild Cheeses, Pesto, Home Baking, Raw Vegetables, Shellfish, Eggs, Plain Yogurt


  • Polyphenol:     232           • Free Fatty Acid:     0.12
  • Complexity:       10           • Balance:                  10
  • Freshness:           10           • Overall:                    9.5

CRUSH DATE: November 2019


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