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Honey - Michigan Pure Honey

Made from only the best raw, Michigan honey from hives in Fremont, Michigan. Locally-sourced, all-natural ingredients are then added for that perfect balance to enjoy on its own or use in cooking, marinading, baked goods, beverages or combine with mustard, olive oil and vinegar for the ideal honey-mustard vinaigrette or glaze.

VINEGAR PAIRINGS: any flavored or Traditional Balsamic

OIL PAIRINGS: any flavored or Single Varietal Olive Oil


  • Combine with olive oil to create a sauce for seafood
  • Drizzle on sweet potatoes or vegetables before or after baking
  • Use as a glaze on pork or chicken
  • Stir into your favorite tea
  • Add to morning oatmeal, toast or yogurt
  • Creating a delicious honey mustard salad dressing with your favorite balsamic and olive oil combination.

Recipes Using Michigan Honey

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