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Peach Balsamic (White)

Our Peach balsamic epitomizes the flavors of freshly picked, ripe peaches immersed in the highest quality white balsamic. A flavor explosion of fruity and sweet sensations coupled with floral overtones and just a touch of acidity, it can be used in numerous applications. It is great in salad dressings, marinades, chutneys and in sweet glazes and smoky barbecue.


Basil Crush olive oil, Cayenne Crush olive oil, Chipotle olive oil, Garlic olive oil, Herbs de Provence olive oil, Meyer Lemon olive oil, Persian Lime olive oil, Sesame Seed oil

  • Combine with Basil olive oil and dress a peach salad.
  • Combine with Cayenne or Chipotle olive oil to marinate chicken or pork tenderloin.
  • Reduce with fresh thyme and peach slices and use it as a topping for pork chops or shrimp.
  • Use in place of lemon juice in homemade peach crisp or pie filling.
  • Add a splash in sparkling water for a refreshing thirst quencher or Prosecco for a great summer cocktail.

Contains naturally occurring sulfites
Imported from Modena, Italy
Gluten-free, allergen-free and vegan

Recipes Using Peach Balsamic

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