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Ravioli Pasta Cutter Stamp

Use this set of ravioli cutter stamps to cut dough and create uniform ravioli with ease!  Each cutter features a built-in wooden handle for a professional look and ease-of-use. With a stainless steel stamp construction, each ravioli cutter is made for frequent use and built to last.

Each cutter produces consistent results every time and makes it easy to create ravioli with one firm press. The edges are evenly textured to create a classic ravioli design and make for a delicious-looking food. To use, start by rolling out your ravioli dough. Place your desired filling on the first set of dough, evenly spaced. Put another piece of rolled dough atop the first piece. Use the stamp to cut out your ravioli. In one convenient step, this cutter forms a perfect ravioli, seals it, and separates it from the excess dough. 

Round Stamp is 2 1/2" in diameter.


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