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Measured Salad Dressing Jar

Our new Measured Dressing Jar is designed for you to create easy-to-follow salad dressings at home.  Simply pour in Fustini's olive oil and vinegars plus other listed ingredients, shake and serve! Each bottle has six fun, healthy, and interesting salad dressing recipes.

You will need these products for the specific dressings listed:

Honey Mustard
1 oz Pinot Grigio vinegar
3 oz Iron Fish Honey vinegar
5 oz Herbs de Provence olive oil

Classic Italian
3 oz Tuscan Herb olive oil
6 oz Fig balsamic

2 oz Sicilian Lemon balsamic
2 oz Garlic olive oil
1 oz 12 Year White balsamic

 Sweet & Spicy
5 oz Traverse City Cherry balsamic
3 oz Chipotle olive oil

Sesame Orange
1 oz Sesame oil
2 oz Blood Orange olive oil
1 oz Garlic olive oil
5 oz Ginger & Honey balsamic

Citrus berry
5 oz West Michigan Blueberry balsamic
4 oz Meyer Lemon olive oil

The total volume of the jar is approximately 9 ounces.


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