Charitable Giving at Fustini's

With a passion for inspiring healthy and flavorful food, Fustini’s is committed to supporting local organizations in our communities. This passion inspires us to help equip organizations that are diligently working to provide resources to fill in the gaps in our own neighborhoods. Together, we can equip our communities to enjoy and be fed by healthy, wholesome ingredients.

About the Fustini's Cares Initiative

Fustini’s Cares is an exciting corporate initiative where we donate 1% of each and every sale to a local organization promoting access to healthy and flavorful food. While in past years, Fustini’s has coordinated campaigns to support local organizations, Fustini’s Cares is an ongoing initiative that continually supports the efforts of these transformative organizations. In addition to financial contributions, Fustini’s also encourages employees–and community–to engage in volunteer opportunities with these organizations.

Local Partnerships Through Fustini's Cares

Each Fustini’s store location has partnered with an organization in their own community that works to provide healthy food to others. These organizations are intentionally chosen as they operate in a way that preserves the dignity and choice of their guests. They work to fill in the gaps in the community by equipping people with healthy, wholesome foods to help them and their families be their best.

Traverse City: Food Rescue-Goodwill Northern Michigan

Our Traverse City store location partners with Food Rescue–Goodwill Northern Michigan. They have a desire to see a community where everyone has access to the healthy food they need. Through their 25 pantries in 5 counties, Food Rescue serves several communities with dignity and choice in providing healthy foods.

Petoskey: Manna Food Project

Our Petoskey store location partners with Manna Food Project in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Fustini’s donation of 1% of every sale helps Manna Food Project’s passion for making sure people feel comfortable and welcome as they enjoy healthy and flavorful food.

Holland: Community Action House

Our Holland store location partners with Community Action House. Fueled by the community, Community Action House to ensure that all of their neighbors have access to healthy food, support, and hope that they need to move forward. This partnership is helping to ensure that no one goes without the food and support they deserve.

Ann Arbor: Food Gatherers

Our Ann Arbor store location partners with Food Gatherers in donating 1% of sales to supporting their work. The work of Food Gatherers helps to ensure households have access to a healthy diet that has a high nutritional value.

Fustini's Supports Groundwork in Traverse City

In addition to our corporate initiative, Fustini’s also supports the work of Groundwork. Groundwork is a Traverse City-based organization that seeks to create a better Michigan through innovative, local solutions. Aligning with our philanthropic goals, this partnership helps support sustainability for farmers, which helps individuals, the community, and the environment in general. 

"Shared Abundance"  Lessons in building a community around locally grown food. Available at the Traverse City, Petoskey, and Holland stores, this is an important book for anyone wanting to bring the benefits of a local food economy to their world. This book is making a difference in bringing awareness to making Michigan-grown produce more readily available and affordable to Michigan communities.


Give Back With Fustini's

When you shop Fustini’s, you’re both on a pathway to enjoying healthy and flavorful foods while also helping to support opportunities for others to access healthy and wholesome foods. With each purchase, 1% of the sale is donated to these transformative organizations. Together, we can make a difference in equipping communities through dignity and choice with healthy food.