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Riserva Balsamic (Dark)

Made from the highest quality grape must, this product is super thick and complex, layering flavor throughout. Expect an exceptionally long finish that lingers. 40% higher density than 18 Year Traditional balsamic vinegar, possesses a balance of sweet and sour with perfect harmony and texture.  At tastings, we have only experienced the words “wow” and “incredible”.  Notes of plum, honey and cherry make this vinegar exceptionally appealing and unique. A delicious treat for the true vinegar connoisseur.

OIL PAIRINGS: This classic, complex and perfectly balanced balsamic pairs with any Fustini’s olive oils


  • The perfect accompaniment to cheese and charcuterie plates.
  • Drizzle over creamy desserts like panna cotta, zabaglione, or ice cream.
  • Use to finish traditional veal scaloppini.
  • Add as a finishing touch to rich risotto; this is especially delicious with mushroom risotto.
  • Drizzle over butternut squash ravioli.
  • Great when drizzled over grilled vegetables, meats, and seafood.
  • For one of a kind unique treat, serve it as an aperitif or digestif.

Contains natural occurring sulfites
Imported from Modena, Italy

Recipes Using Riserva Balsamic 

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