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White Truffle Oil

Our White Truffle oil captures the delicate, sweet, garlicky and mushroom aromas of a freshly foraged white winter truffle. This oil gives a clean flavor with true-to-truffle aromas throughout.


18 Year Traditional balsamic, Black Truffle balsamic, Herbs of Naples balsamic, Lavender balsamic, 12 Year White balsamic, Thyme balsamic, Fig balsamic

Add a few drops over any of the following
  • baked brie
  • eggs
  • potatoes
  • grilled steak
  • pasta
  • rice
  • popcorn
  • soups

Recipes Using White Truffle Oil

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Customer Reviews

  1. Panini Basted with White Truffle

    Panini - about once a week or two, I make a delicious panini on home made Italian bread. I've got a George Foreman cooker and this is what I do: I sautee a small can of Pennsylvania mushroom, couple sliced up onions, some chopped garlic, and some red bell peppers. Then I baste one side of my Italian bread with Fustini's White Truffle oil - both pieces. Butter the inside slices to keep it moist. I place my cooked mix of mushrooms and such on my bread - heaped nicely. Then I cut up some Kalamata olives and put them on top of my mix. Then I take some fresh mozzarella cheese and put a few slices about 1/4 inch thick on top of this ( my bread is a good size square loaf of Italian ). Then I put the lid down on my George Foreman and cook for exactly 7 minutes ( comes out great every time ). Taste Great. If you like, you can even add a couple thin slices of tomato. Love to add a picture but won't copy and paste!

    Reviewed by Pete Cesere on April 23, 2020, 6:07 p.m. | Permalink

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