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Fig & Maple Paste

Simple yet flavorful ingredients create this rich spread. This paste is the finishing touch to any cheese plate, charcuterie board or grilled meat. It pairs perfectly with goat cheese, blue cheese, prosciutto, peaches, walnuts and almonds. It’s lovely combined with rosemary, so try it on rosemary crackers or focaccia.


  • Stuffed French Toast, make sandwich & soak in egg & milk mixture, cook in Butter olive oil and butter
  • Spread inside a slit in a pork loin or chicken breast and cook as normal
  • Make a grilled fig and Brie Cheese Sandwich
  • Add a dollop to a pan sauce

INGREDIENTS: Black figs, maple sugar, lemon juice
Size: 9 oz

Recipes Using Fig and Maple Paste


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  1. Delightful Product

    This is a most delightful item. I used it with crescent roll dough and and cream cheese and powdered sugar mixture. My next try will be with phyllo dough. You will certainly not be disappointed if you purchase a jar of this (provided you like figs). Lesa

    Reviewed by Lesa Piech on May 17, 2021, 4:06 p.m. | Permalink

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