Fustini's Rewards

Earn points for enjoying flavorful, quality ingredients.

Here at Fustini’s, we’re passionate about equipping and inspiring you with healthy and flavorful foods. To help you cook more with the highest quality ingredients, our Fustini’s Rewards program is designed to get you free products to enjoy. Whether you shop online or love to experience and taste in-store, we’ve got rewards for you.

Earn Points

Want free oil and vinegar? Upon creating a free account, you can begin accruing points with each oil and vinegar purchase you make. Each 200mL or 375mL bottle gives you one point, while our 750mL bottles give you two points. Accumulate points and when you reach 11 points, you’ll earn a $20 reward to spend on your next oil and vinegar purchase. See table under the FAQs for more product-specific earning amounts.

Reward Tiers

What else can you do with your points? Our Reward Tiers offer you opportunities to earn even more rewards and enjoy healthy, quality ingredients. Start off at our “Foodie” level as you experience the flavors and versatility of our oils and vinegars. Once you’ve accumulated 11 points, you’ll step up to our “Gourmet” level, earning you a $10 discount on your next purchase. And at 22 or more points, you’ll reach our “Epicurean” level, which earns you another $10 discount on your next purchase!

More Rewards

Earning points by enjoying oil and vinegars is just one way to accumulate points and get rewards. Here are additional ways you can savor fresh, quality ingredients with rewards. 

Birthday Rewards

We want to celebrate YOU for your birthday! During the month of your birthday, you’ll be eligible to receive one FREE 60mL bottle of olive oil or balsamic vinegar for in-store redemption. During the month of your birthday, stop into one of our store locations to select your free 60mL bottle to enjoy.


Do you know someone who would love to experience the fresh, quality flavors of olive oil and vinegars? Share the joy of Fustini’s while also getting something in return when you refer a friend. 

To refer a friend, sign into your online account and select “Refer a Friend” in the pop-up. Copy that referral link and send it to a friend. Then, once your friend opens that link, creates, and account, and places an order, you’ll earn one point toward your reward balance.

Weekly Enews

When you join the Fustini’s community, you’ll also receive our weekly communication. This practical, resourceful, and entertaining newsletter is rich with recipe inspiration and helpful tips and tricks to use your Fustini’s products. 

Reward FAQs

Have a question about all the great ways you can get rewards through Fustini’s? Check out these FAQs to learn more. 

What size bottles earn me how many points? 

See the table below to learn more about our different products and the points they earn. 

Product (qty)

Points earned 



60mL (2)


60mL (4)








200mL Riserva or  White Truffle


375mL Riserva

375mL White Truffle


750mL SELECT (2)


375mL SELECT (3)


When can I redeem my reward? 

You are able to redeem your $20 reward after you complete your transaction in which your 11th point is earned. This may require placing a second purchase in-store or online if you’d like to redeem your reward at the same time. Note that this reward can only be used toward an oil and vinegar purchase (pantry items, and accessories are not included). Gift sets are included. 

Can my $10 tier discount be used with my $20 reward? 

Yes! Stack these two rewards on your purchase of $30+ of oil and vinegar in-store or online to maximize your savings in one transaction. 

Can I earn rewards through purchasing at a reseller? 

If you shop at one of our verified resellers, you can still earn rewards. Bring your receipt from one of our authorized resellers to your nearest Fustini’s location, and we will add the points from your purchase to your account.

How do I know if I have a reward available to use? 

If you shop in-store, we’ll let you know if you have a reward that’s available to use. If you order online, you’ll have a “Reward” icon appear when you log into your account. Apply that reward to your next order. 

How do I sign up for rewards? 

Getting access to these rewards is easy. When you shop online and create an account, you’ll automatically join the rewards club! You’ll start out at our “Foodie” level and move up from there! When you shop in-store, a Fustini’s team member can sign you up at any time.

Do my points ever expire? 

Forget to redeem your rewards? Not to worry. Your accumulated points don’t expire. However, your tiered rewards (making it to the ‘Gourmet’ or ‘Epicurean’ level) do reset at the beginning of each year. You won’t lose the rewards you’ve already earned. Make more purchases throughout the year to keep your status.

Thank you for shopping with Fustini's!