Here's what people are saying about our School of Cooking:

Faye and Fin cannot begin to thank you [Chef Andy Stewart] enough for the insight and skills you have passed on to us. While we could “cook” quite well when we first came to you, we can now “prepare” restaurant-quality dishes; in both taste and presentation. The knowledge we obtained from you inspired us to make the aforementioned [Basil Lime Cheesecake with Berries] cheesecake.
          —Faye and Fin M.

Scheduling an event with Fustini's is quick and personalized. They works with you to put together the type of event you are looking for. Every event I have done has been very well received by attendees.
          —Angela D.

I've taken cooking classes at three different places in West Michigan... Fustini's out shone them ALL BY FAR. Andy is awesome!!!!!
          —Erika B.

Chef Andy imparts his knowledge with flair and humor. Who knew you could use flavored vinegars and/or oils in virtually everything!
          —Lenore B.

Chef Kelsey was very personable, knowledgeable and fun.  Learned how to hold a knife and many other skills, was fun.
          —Luann V.

Chef John was always ready to answer questions and we all felt like he was part of our "Friend/family group" when he mentioned he used to live in Maui. Thank you Chef John for cooking for us and for your gracious patience with us!
          —Cynthia L.

 Thank you for elevating my cooking! I have taken several classes and have been able to completely change the way my family eats. Clean, flavor-filled meals that are beyond delicious! Thanks to Andy and Fustini's I now am able to make fresh pizza sauce (and so much more) that tastes so amazing! My kids love it and no preservatives!
          —Sara S.

I've taken cooking classes all over the US - this rates as MOST fun and great food.
     —Attendee at Chef Andy Stewart's "Recipes by Emeril Lagasse" class

I have taken a number of cooking classes at the Holland store over the past few years and have thoroughly enjoyed them. They have been very informative as well as entertaining - thanks especially to Chef Andy. I have learned everything from selecting ingredients, to kitchen skills and recipe execution.

One of the things that I have noticed over the years is that the recipes that we are making, while appearing sophisticated, are easier to prepare for the home chef. I know that I find myself much more likely to repeat the recipes at home for friends and family than I did at first. I hope you continue to do this.  I find myself encouraging more of my friends to join me at classes because they will use the dishes on a regular basis.

As a home cook who loves to entertain for my friends, I am always look for recipes that provide incredible taste, but are are easy to execute. There is nothing worse than missing your entire party, being a slave to complicated recipes in the kitchen.
          —Chris B.

The menu was yummy and Jon did a nice job of sharing our conversations & interests.
           —Jenni E.
Jon's great and honest. Food was delicious and I had a blast!
          —Hilary H.

Sam was very organized. Wonderful demeanor and very encouraging.
          —Attendee at Chef Sam Brickman's "Quick and Easy" class

Sam was very informative and easy to talk to. Well done.

The Whole class was a lot of fun! I would come back again and bring friends.
I loved the class. The food was great, and also the company. Do you make house calls? LOL!
          —Attendee at Chef Sam Brickman's "Salad Making" class

Loved the recipes but loved how he told us to mix up several different thing using the recipes!
          —Attendee at Chef Sam Brickman's "Salad Making" class

Thought the demonstration was great,learned helpful tips. Food was excellent - nothing too difficult. I felt I could do it at home.
          —Attendee at Chef Sam Brickman's "French Countryside" class

Sam explained not only the cooking process of each dish, but also shared wonderful tips and stories about cooking and cuisine. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
           —Attendee at Chef Sam Brickman's "French Countryside" class