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School of Cooking Awards

The School of Cooking, located in our stores in Ann Arbor, Holland, Petoskey and Traverse City, teaches everything from the basics to the most advanced cooking skills, appropriately targeted to anyone interested in making the most out of cooking with oils and vinegars.  With regularly scheduled classes from 30 minutes to two hours in a variety of subjects, you’ll want to participate again and again. And why not earn Fustini's awards while you do?

Award Levels

Line Cook - Participate in 5 Classes
Earn a Black Pinstriped Apron

Garde Manger - Participate in 10 Classes
Earn a Canvas Tote

Sous Chef - Participate in 15 classes
Earn Chef Pants

Executive Chef - Participate in 20 classes
Earn a Chef Coat

 School of Cooking Award Recipients

Line Cooks
(completed 5 classes)
Garde Manger
(completed 10 classes)
Sous Chef
(completed 15 classes)
Executive Chef
(completed 20 classes)

Mary Amell
Janet Andre
Kathy Bailey
Mike Bailey
Maggie Blood
Terri Bos
Alexa Brower
Jennifer Buitenhuis
Norma Bustillos
Babs Caraway
EB Caraway
JP Cartmill
Janel Davis
Don Devries
Del Dozeman
Josh Dozeman
Jodi Elsen
Bill Erickson
Teresa Erickson
Bill Fillmore
Debbie Fillmore
Rob Frisbie
Brittany Gibson
Helen Gorecki
Loraine Griffin
Silvi Hamilton
Elaine Hayes
Ken Heaton
Margaret Heaton
Glen Huizenga
Mallory Huizenga
Sarah Huizenga
Tyler Jansma
Ann Jarchow
Nancy Jongetjes
Roman Kulich
Cindy Lindrup
Richard Lindrup
Cheryl Lingenfelter
Lisa Moss
Kate Maryon
Kristen McIntire
John Meyers
Karen Meyers
Bobbie Miller
Eric Miller 
Gabe Miller
Jodi Miller
Vicki Monroe
Angel Mueller
Keith Mulder
Kim Mulder
Eric O'Brien
Julie O'Brien
Dave Perez
Rayetta Perez
Cindy Pocock
Rob Pocock
Adonna Philipp
Gary Philipp
Jane Prins
Katie Prins
Judy Reagan
Geraldine Reed
Don Reuschel
Theresa Riek
Daphne Shutts
Dave Slotman
Fern Slotman
Samnatha Sniegowski
George Stamas
Midge Stamas
Gwen Steenhoven
Deb Swanson
Pat VerDuin
Marilyn Vonderheide
Katie Wehrmeyer
Cassandra Wheeler
Ernie Wheeler
Ann Whitmore
Carroll Wiener
John Wiener
Bill Wilson
Shelly Woodall
Karen Wyngarden

Sharon Atkinson
Chris Bart
Anita Charochak
Becky Dozeman
Samantha Dozeman
Kathy Drake
Burt Haigh
MaryAnn Haigh
Silvi Hamilton
Carol Jones
Nancy Latham
Linda Rozema
Denise Slovinski
Dave Sniegowski
Cathy Sniegowski
Rich Stec
Sara Stepka
Daniel Thomas
Wendy Thomas

Chris Bart
Kathy Drake
Burt Haigh
MaryAnn Haigh
Nancy Latham
Faye Most
Fin Most
Linda Rozema
Cathy Sniegowski
Dave Sniegowski
Rich Stec
Sara Stepka
Dan Thomas
Wendy Thomas

Chris Bart
Chris Bart

Kathy Drake
Kathy Drake

Nancy Latham
Nancy Latham

Linda Rozema
Linda Rozema

Rich Stec
Rich Stec

Dave Sniegowski





Dave Sniegowski 

Cathy Sniegowski
Cathy Sniegowski

Burt Haigh
Burt Haigh

Mary Ann Haigh




Mary Ann Haigh

Sara Stepka





Sara Stepka

Faye and Fin Most




Faye and Fin Most



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