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What You Need to Know About Our Classes

Where can I sign up?

For Virtual cooking classes, you can sign up online HERE, by calling or stopping in the store. If you sign up online, you will receive an email confirmation listing the date, time and class you registered for.

What is included in the class fee?

VIRTUAL CLASSES: The class fee for our virtual classes is per household.  You may gather as many friends and family as you are comfortable with.  You will receive a pre-class packet containing the menu, recipes, shopping list and equipment list. You will also be sent a link to the class and a discount code to purchase products prior to the class.  PLEASE NOTE: THIS CODE DOES NOT WORK ONLINE.  If you need these items shipped to you, please call the store in a timely manner so there is enough time to arrive before the class.

What do I need to know for Virtual Cooking Classes?

  • It is helpful to have all the necessary equipment and ingredients out and ready to be used.
  • Please have any produce washed and any canned items opened.
  • If you have any dietary aversions, please make substitutions as necessary.
  • It may be helpful if you are preparing your recipes for more than 2 people, please note that you may be rushing during the class as the chef will be preparing the dishes for two. You may choose to do additional prep work ahead of time if you do not have someone else cooking alongside you.
  • We encourage you to print the recipes to follow along with you as you may be using your device for the video call.
  • Please make every effort to keep your audio on mute unless you have a question or comment. This will ensure that all will have an enjoyable experience.
  • It may be helpful for you to use wireless headphones to hear the chef’s instructions.
  • All chefs have 2 views from their kitchen, (straight on and close up). Be sure to have your device on “GALLERY” mode to see both views.  You may need to swipe to the next screen with smaller devices. 

What is Fustini’s Cancellation Policy?

Virtual Cooking Class cancellation policy:  In the event that you are unable to attend, you are welcome to transfer your registration to another household of your choice.  Please email denise@fustinis.com with the name of the new household attending so that we can welcome them into the class.

Do you have age requirements for your virtual cooking classes?

You are welcome to invite anyone you feel comfortable with to cook alongside you in your kitchen.  We do recommend with attendees under 16 take a look at the recipes ahead of time to see if the menu is appropriate and will be fun for them to participate in.

Can I register someone for a class as a gift?

A Fustini’s gift card is the best way to give classes as gifts. This allows your recipient(s) to select classes that best fit their schedules and interests. Gift cards are available in any amount and can be purchased online or by visiting any of our retail locations.

Corporate & Private Events

How do I schedule a private event?

Virtual Cooking Classes as well as our Virtual Olive Oil tastings are great opportunities to participate with a group.  These are ideal for groups who work remotely or in various areas across the US.    For more information, email denise@fustinis.com

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