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Champagne Vinegar

Champagne Vinegar

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Our Champagne vinegar hails from the Ardenne region of France. This elegant wine vinegar introduces a touch of crisp, creamy, acidity to many vinaigrettes, marinades, and sauces. Use in beurre blanc or to brighten up other butter-based sauces, homemade mayo or aioli, pickling, and preserving!


Basil Crush olive oil, Garlic olive oil, Gremolata olive oil, Cayenne Crush olive oil, Meyer Lemon olive oil, Rosemary olive oil, Tuscan Herb olive oil or any SELECT olive oil

  • Pair with Meyer Lemon olive oil for a bright, traditional vinaigrette.
  • Combine with Cayenne Crush olive oil and olive bruschetta spread to zest up any sandwich.
  • Mix with Basil olive oil, mustard, honey and fresh strawberries for a fruity and crisp dressing.
  • Mix with Garlic or Tuscan Herb olive oil for a marinade for meat or vegetables.
  • Use our French Champagne vinegar to pickle any vegetable.

Recipes Using Champagne Vinegar

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