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Fustini's Oils & Vinegars

Dill Olive Oil

Dill Olive Oil

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FLAVOR: Savory wild fernleaf dill, highly aromatic and vibrant

COMPLEMENTS: Bread, eggs, pasta, poultry, salad, seafood, soups, vegetables

VINEGAR PAIRINGS: Champagne, Pomegranate, Sicilian Lemon, 12 Year White, 18 Year Traditional


  • Combine with any Fustini’s vinegar, toss with cucumbers, and add to a salad.
  • Brush on homemade bread just before baking.
  • Give a fresh taste to any creamy sauce, aioli, or olive oil-based mayonnaise (potato salad!).
  • Drizzle over roasting vegetables.

Not available in the 60ml size. If ordering in the 750ml size, you may receive 2-375mls instead.
Certified Kosher, gluten-free, allergen-free, and vegan

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