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6 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget - Plus Recipes


Walk down the aisles of a grocery store and you’ll find labels on foods like organic, non-GMO or all-natural. While there certainly there can be benefits to these options, they may also come with a higher price tag. 

But if you’ve got goals to eat healthier, choosing those products and produce with those buzzwords may not necessarily be required. Eating healthy doesn’t require a large grocery budget or in-depth research as to whether “organic” or “cage-free” eggs are better for you. With a little bit of preparation, you can find options that are both healthy for your body and your wallet. 

Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget 

To help you get started in low budget healthy eating, we’re here with some quick tips and recipes. Whether you’re experienced in grocery shopping on a budget and are looking to eat healthily or tend to constantly overspend on weekly groceries, these tips can get you set on the right track. Check out these quick strategies for balancing your budget and your healthy diet. 

Make Meals Ahead

When it comes to eating healthy, preparation and planning ahead can be a great practice to get in the habit of. When you plan your meals ahead of time, you can create an exact ingredient list for your grocery shopping trip. This helps you limit those foods that you purchase that you think you’ll use but may just end up going to waste. Also when you have a plan, you’ll be less likely to make last-minute meals that may be less healthy than what you would make with proper preparation. Get ready for leftovers by making a batch of a filling and delicious meal and save it for later meals. 

Choose What You Like 

There may be some foods that you’re just not a fan of. Even if they may be healthy choices, don’t get it with the intention you’ll try it and just let it go to waste. Find those healthy options of foods you enjoy and stock up on them. But, if you’re actually interested and willing to try new foods, start with just a small bag of Brussels sprouts or a pound of celery before stocking up for weeks. 

Go Whole 

Instead of buying pre-sliced zucchini or shredded lettuce, buy the produce whole and slice them yourself. You’ll save money, reduce waste in packaging and be able to prepare your ingredients just how you like them. 

Don’t Stray Down the Grocery Store Aisles 

For some, making a trip to the grocery store can be a practice in self-control and discipline. When you venture out to the grocery store or make your grocery list for delivery or pick-up, stay focused. Don’t get sidetracked by foods on sale or other aisles that may be calling your name. 

Choose Healthier, Cheaper Alternatives 

Sure, there’s nothing like a juicy steak right off the grill for those meat-eaters. But when you’re looking to watch your health and your budget, you can easily find alternatives to those delicious proteins that are healthy and easy on your wallet. Opt for grilled chicken, eggs or fish like tilapia to keep your grocery spending low and your flavors high. 

Don’t Buy Junk 

When you’re looking for a snack, reaching for a bag of chips or a handful of candies can be all too tempting. But if you don’t have those types of food easily accessible, the temptation can decrease. If you’re struggling to limit your intake of junk food, just don’t buy it. You’ll help your health by choosing healthier alternatives and your wallet by cutting out that part of your grocery budget. 

With a few easy steps, you can get on your way to eating healthy and well on a budget. 

Recipes to Boost your Health and Your Wallet 

Wondering what to make for dinner that boosts both your health and wallet? Here we share a few quick and easy meals that are easy to prepare, delicious to make, healthy for you and easy on your wallet. 

Apple, Celery and Blue Cheese Salad - fill up on this bright and crunchy salad. Substitute the blue cheese with a shredded hard cheese that you enjoy to cut down on savings and make it just how you like. 

Grilled Salad - romaine is an affordable and versatile salad base that you can do a lot with - even grill! 

Overnight Blueberry Oatmeal - steel cut or traditional oats are often sold in bulk and last for a while. Use this recipe to bring some bright color, or just drizzle your favorite balsamic vinegar over your morning oatmeal. 

Fish Tacos - it doesn’t have to be a Tuesday to enjoy these bites. Fill them with a fish like tilapia to make it an affordable tradition. 

Greek Pasta Salad with Garbanzo Beans - this quick and filling grain salad can be customized to your favorites and flavors. 

Lemon Parsley Lentil Soup - lentils are a great source of protein that can be purchased dry in bulk. 

Baked Chicken with Tomatoes - with just a few ingredients, you can transform chicken into an Italian favorite. This recipe also can be great for leftovers for the week to eat with rice or salad greens. 

Beans & Rice - a common cheap food staple, you can transform these two basic ingredients with some great flavors and seasoning.

Eat Healthy - and Deliciously - on a Budget 

Even if you’re on a budget for grocery shopping, you can choose to eat healthily and deliciously. While it may take some creativity and planning ahead, the recipes and tips shared above can get you set with confidence to keep your health and wallet in check. 




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